Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Rain Day Woman, vol. 21

In my column this week, I go a-Googling.

I collected the Google search queries referenced in that column for several months. Many of the searches led to my monthly archives, which date back to October 2005. Others landed surfers on specific pages.

These phrases led to some of my favorite posts. Click the links to see the landing pages:

Sexy human beings/Whispering sexy thin

Abe Lincoln mullet

Over full bladder need to relieve myself now

Generic beer photo

Dreams of foreplay

Sandwich fucked housewifes/Hoover wind tunnel repair manuals

Human swizzle stick

And some more Google phrases that brought readers to the Owner's Manual:

Life size silicone men dolls

Biggest breasts in Ohio/hostess thankyous

Perfect labia/Perfect cunnilingus instructions

Bacon grease sex lube

Fried spam

Pickled turnips

Family style dining

Obrien lucky's auto bath

Flattering top for big boobs

YouTube spanking

Poodle love animal sex

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EBEZP said...

God is that the time I've been here ages!!

Lovely stuff usual!

Anonymous said...

That story about you getting locked out of your apartment wearing only panties and nail polish....OMG that was classic!

And your husband's comment on that post....Awwww. You two are adorable!


Dean said...

Speaking of live chats...


Thank kew. I'm done now.