Thursday, August 09, 2007

Yeah, that's right

This is the best thing you're going to read all day.

There are big-ass ferries that travel all over the Puget Sound, from the area islands to Seattle proper. These mothers are big--they carry some 200 cars and tons of people. It's the coolest commute ever. There's a bar and coffee shop and everything and it rocked my face off.

But the very best thing of all is this: when they load the ferry, the pedestrians board first. Then it's the bicyclists, then the motorcyclists, then the cars.

And disembarking? Same effing order! Walkers first, then bikes, then motorcycles, then your herd of internal combustion baddies.


How right is that? And no one effs around like an asshole. No Hummers inch up on the motorcycles or any shit like that.

I nodded righteous when I watched that operation, man. Effers finally getting something right like if I were running everything like I should be.


Some people worked on laptops, some had breakfast. There were tons of broads doing their make up and hair in the john. They had all their war paint out, curling irons, bottles and shit all over. I didn't hang out in there, though. I stayed on the deck and rocked on the skyline.


Jesus Toast said...

Lets move there.

Anonymous said...

I've actually washed and blow dried my hair in one of those ferry restrooms. But that was a looooong time ago when I used to live in Seattle.


Zandermann said...

"Effers finally getting something right like if I were running everything like I should be."
What a great line...when is the revolution?

countrymouse said...

Dude--you came over to the Island? That's practically my back yard! We could have hung out! I could have awkwardly said nothing and bored your righteous socks off!

Beautiful photos--you saw Seattle at its best : )

Jim Winter said...

I hope to make it to Seattle in the next couple of years. I've been to SF twice this year and really love the West Coast as long as it's not Los Angeles.

Dean said...

The sxKitten and I practically live on ferries. When I saw the pic at the top I thought, holy shit, how did O'Brien find a pic of a BC Ferry? But then I realized that it couldn't be a BC Ferry because they all have doors on the lower decks where the bikes get off. It's only the upper decks that are open, and they don't let bikes off from there.

~d said...

Pretty damn cool, Erin! Esp if you are on foot! *what happened to the link that allows me to make O'Brien come? (sad face)

The Fool said...

Ferry's are way cool. We have a system that travels into Alaska from Seattle via the southeast island network. I took it once...on the motorcycle..and it was a terrific time. Loading and unloading was as you note. Folks camp out on deck and it's one big get-to-know-each-other along the way. Met a terrific friend that way too.

Thanks for sharing, Erin. Happy Friday!

EBEZP said...

Great pics again Erin. They're busy old things ferries aren't they?
Nice one!

Hal said...

Yeah, they serve beer on a ferry - which is operated by the state.

Way to promote responsible drinking!

Beautiful pictures, Erin. You're making me homesick!

The next time you're there, you should head towards that big white cone in the last picture. That's Mt. Rainier and it is absolutely stunning. You'll probably find there is still snow on the ground in some places around the visitor's center there.

That is, of course, unless it has erupted. That's right, it's a volcano, and the talk is not if it will happen, but within the next ten years.

When that, I don't want to go there.

Karen at Pen in Hand said...

I think I would have to add "being on a ferry with cars" to my ever-lengthening list of phobias. Not that I've experienced it, mind you. It just sounds anxiety producing.

Bobby Farouk said...

That water is blue.

whiner on the rock said...

All people have to take a ferry to get to my house sometomes it feels like I am stuck on a beautiful rock.

Helen Mansfield said...

Beautiful photos!

I would so effing love to race you, Mini-a-Mini! That would be a hoot!