Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Poodle soap and I love it

John Sheppard and his wife Helen Mansfield came to my house for dinner this weekend and it so rocked my face off. They gave me soaps that are shaped like poodles and I love it.

No one can touch my poodle soaps ever! I am going to name them Norlene and Grape. and take them with me wherever I go.

The artwork behind Helen and John is an original acrylic on canvas by Grant Bailie and it is my favoritest thing ever. It hangs in my office and that is like Bailie hanging out with me all the time and that is a rockout.

Helen and John are totally in love and I love them and everything is way cool.

John and Bailie and I are all going to be in a really cool book together and you so have to be down with that.

I love everything. Hello. I am Erin.


~d said...

I am not sure how how my story relates, but:
I was once given a koosh rhino ball. a koosh ball with a rhino face and tail.
I named him Clovis and I took him with me everywhere I went.
He is in a special place now, as this was 1997. But I could go and get my hands on Clovis RIGHT away if need be!
Enjoy your Norlene and Grape!

Chickie Carmarthen said...

Who needs Ben Wa when you have Soap Poodles? :)

jungle jane said...

wow, that's amazing! i once got beagle candles, but i had to burn their arses to enjoy them and they didn't much look like beagles once they were half melted...

danb said...

"Soap Poodles" would be an absolutely awesome band name. Just sayin'.

The Fool said...

Isn't it a joy to be with folks "totally in love"? It seems so rare in this commodity culture.

And poodle soap...now I've seen everything. Don't carry them in your pocket, Erin.


Helen Mansfield said...

Much love for Erin O'B!

A delightful hostess, fabulous cook and all around swell human being.

Fact: She (and I) are taller than a Campbell's soup can. The Goat has awesome Popeye forearms. The Kid is bright, delightful and can play the theme from "Star Wars" on the violin. If I could give birth to a child of equal aptitude, I'd have one, but there are no guarantees in life ...

josh williams said...

Great post I like all involved so I have to say thanks...JW

PS: Erin can I have your soap gifts, I am in need of a bath...just asking.

Denny Shane said...

I was giving similar just a few weeks ago while I was in the hospital. A nurse one day came unexpected into my hospital and handed me a lovely octagonalicanally shaped bar of something called "Ivory" and announced she was giving be a bath.

I will not be taking where I go. ;)

Tim said...

Are the poodles made from whale? If you rub them against you is it animal sex?