Friday, June 23, 2006

A love hate relationship

I love fat guys on motorcycles.

I hate Hummers.

I love Bob Woodruff.

I hate George W. Bush.

I love barbecue smoke.

I love apes.

I love Abe Lincoln.

I hate Bill O'Reilly.

I love Tabasco sauce.

I hate canker sores.

I love whiskey.

I love beer.

I love chicks.

I love fried egg sandwiches.

I hate hairspray.

I love sumo wrestlers.

I love beer guys.

I hate beauty parlors.

I love skinnydipping.

I hate guns.

I love fishing.

I hate televangelists.

I love letters.

I hate junk mail.

I love sex.

I love sex.

I love sex.

I hate Fox News.

I love reggae.

I hate cavities.

I love sleeping.

I love waking.

I hate snoring.

I love walking.

I hate lawsuits.

I love mustaches.

I love whipped cream.

I love writers.

I love boots.

I hate bad guys.

I love good guys.


Denny Shane said...

I love sex also! wow, we are soooo compatable!

Jesus Toast said...

You didn't mention your stance on freckles, red hair, short men, blowjobs, parakeets, Mountain Dew, France or the name Dianne.

Toby said...

I love Bob Woodruff too.

We have a lot of similar loves and hates.

jmeped said...

I love the whipped cream that was funny, thanks now I want a sunday and it's friday.

~d said...

I love your list.
I love checking your site.
I hate having only 3 hours of sleep.
I love little boy-sleepovers.
I hate whiny tired boys.
I love snail mail.
I hate lima beans.
I hate having to say goodbye.

Blonde Vigilante said...

Tildy loves Micheal Jackson.

Okay, so the good guy, bad guy thing. Wouldn't that depend on what side you were on? I mean which ever side you were on, you would think you were the good guy. Right? reality we all walk around thinking we are the good guys and whoever wins writes the history books to make themselves look good. Okay, I've confused even myself..I will be moving on.

Great post.

Darby M. Dixon III said...

I love cavities like I love gaining holes in my head.

Dongley Shlongford said...

I think you should reconsider your position on hummers. I think if you gave me one, you would change your mind.

FLAMINGO1 said...

I love little baby ducks.

they taste like chicken.

Erin O'Brien said...

Denny: isn't it a small world?

JT: freckles, red hair, short men, parakeets, Mountain Dew, France, and the name Dianne: yes. Blowjobs: Let's keep the party polite, shall we?

Toby: We should start a Bob Woodruff fan club.

jmeped: Oh, go ahead, have a FridaySundae

d: No worries, baby, this is a lima bean-free zone.

BV: It's easy to tell the good guys from bad guys! Bad guys wear black capes and have a hook instead of a right hand. Good guys have gleaming white teeth and like puppies.

Dixon: Meet me wear the lake meets the sky. Bring cotton balls. Tell no one of your intentions. We are the illustrations of falling things.

Dongley: Thank you for your comment. It has been forwarded to the system administrator for processing.

Flamingo: There is something oddly cannibalistic about a big pink bird eating a little yellow one.

Larry said...

Older, but kind and spry men are conspicuous by their absence :(

PDD said...


I hate having to always wash my hands constantly but I do it. I have a problem.

I hate problems.

I love the 69 position.

I hate the category "handjobs" on free porn website. It's a useless category. Unless it's a man holding his one, I love that. I have never once checked that category.

I hate seeing a woman gag on a males member. It's supposed to be romantic and enjoyable, not barfy.

I LOVE cunnilingus.

I LOVE to watch a woman do this to another woman. But I am not a lesbian, I swear.

I HATE David Hasselhoff.

PDD said...

You've got to host a webcam party tonight.


Do it tonight.

I hate when you don't host a webcam party.

Blonde Vigilante said...

Thank you for clearing that up for me.

~d said...

*******anyone know whats going on with Zen Wizard?*********

*thank you for keeping this place lima-bean free.

BV-whoa! I do sound like Michael Jackson! "Don't Stop til You Get Enough!"

Vince said...

Am I the only one who loves the smell of bus exhaust? Me being engulfed in a plume of bus smoke must be like a cat feels rolling in catnip.

Bobby Farouk said...

Define whiskey.

Toby said...

He doesen't have one already? I'm hip.

FLAMINGO1 said...

I love Jameson's with a lime.

I love lamp.

jamwall said...

i love abe lincoln's mullet chest hair between my bob woodruff fangs

PDD said...

Pinky, erin's martini shaped lamp?????

kandykane said...

awesome list..
i love skinny dipping & i love fried egg sandwiches too.. yumm

Erin O'Brien said...

Larry: Come on now, "I love older, but kind and spry men" doesn't really fit here. Doesn't mean I don't like 'em. Also, have you a mustache? Are you a corpulent motorcycle rider? A beer guy (current or former)? See? I'm flexible!

PDD: Would you allow Hasselhoff to perform cunnilingus on you? How many women have you seen gagging on a shwantz?

BV: You are, of course, welcome.

d: No one should stop until they've had enough.

Vince: "I love the Vince loves the smell of bus exhaust."

Farouk: Canadian. With club soda and lots of ice. And you, of course.

Toby: You are hip. I love that you are hip. You are the hippiest hipster of all time.

Flamingo: I love lamp too. We should love lamp together.

Jamwall: Is that a new sort of sandwich?

PDD: Do not try to understand them, just watch and be amused.

Kandykane: I love kandykanes, especially in this day and age when an array of flavors is available, although the classic peppermint stick is always a favorite.

Roxi said...

and there it is.. almost comprehensive list of what erin thinks about things..

amazing really..

I believe you deserve an award.

Larry said...


I once had a bike and was corpulent, but not at the same time.

I like beer but don't swill it. (Life is too short to drink cheap beer).

I have had every style of facial hair but bald faced now except for a two day growth. I could grow a 'stache for you if you like salt and pepper.

Brookelina said...

We have much in common.

Strow said...

I so need to do one of these. But i fear it would take me..............FOREVER

Doug Hoffman said...

Hummers at my place.

Actually, it's more about rug-cleaning than humming, but you get the idea.

exposed said...

i am soooooooo stealing this idea!!!

i love lamp too btw

Zen Wizard said...

I love little baby ducks.

And big pickup trucks.

I love Paris in the Winter, when it drizzles.

I love Paris in the Summer, when it sizzles.

I love plagiarizing standard songs to audiences young enough to think they were my idea...

Erin O'Brien said...

Roxi: I won something? I really won something!!

Larry: You're in.

Brooke: And both our names have an 'r' and an 'e.' Uncanny, no?

Strow: Just start with two little words ...

I am so glad to have this information, Mr. Hoffman. Thank you.

Exposed: Steal away!

Zen: I'm afraid I'm not young enough to be fooled. Bourbon in a glass, darling?

~d said...

Well, crap ass. There he is. Holla, zen! I was looking for you earlier!

nicole said...

I need to know EXACTLY what it is that apes do for you.

wallycrawler said...

I love your hair .

Hal said...


I must concur with Erin in re: Hasselhoff munching your carpet. You'd be whistling a different tune if he had a rock star tongue.

Henri Banks said...

I hate Hummers. Me too

I love Bob Woodruff. Dont Know Him

I hate George W. Bush. Me To

I love barbecue smoke. Me To

I love apes. Me To

I love Abe Lincoln. i love his wife

I hate Bill O'Reilly. damn an other one i dont know

I love Tabasco sauce.Me To Me To Me To

I hate canker sores. What ?

I love whiskey. I dont

I love beer.Me To Me To Me To

I love chicks. Oh Yeah ......Me to

I love fried egg sandwiches.never tried one

I hate hairspray. Me To

I love sumo wrestlers.Me To

I love beer guys. i love just the beer with out the guys

I hate beauty parlors.haha i think me to ...

I love skinnydipping.What ...?

I hate guns.Okay they kill

I love no no i am a fish

I hate televangelists. raaaaagh give a gun haha

I love letters. In my soup

I hate junk mail.Me To Me To Me To

I love sex. yes sex is something like a drug

I love sex. S E X I S G R E A T

I love sex. Me To Me To Me To Me To

I hate Fox News. Dont know

I love reggae. its okay i love PUNK ROCK and Classic and .....

I hate cavities.Iiiiiiiih Me To Me To Me To Me To

I love sleeping.No time to sleep

I love waking.yes Me To Me To Me To

I hate snoring.hahaha Me To Me To Me To

I love walking.i like riding

I hate lawsuits.Me To

I love mustaches. i dont

I love whipped cream.yeeeees

I love writers.i dont read

I love boots.i dont walk

I hate bad guys. Me To

I love good guys. i hate them to;-)

ajooja said...

Love the list.

Of course, I love both kinds of hummers. Can't afford one. Don't have to pay for, or even beg, for the other.

Love fried egg sandwiches. You ever tried the one at Cracker Barrell? Little slice of tomato ... Mmmmmmmmmm.

Makes my mouth water like Maria Menounos. :)