Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Your hostess, being otherwise engaged, is reposting the following entry that originally ran in November 2007. It seems relevant to your hostess as the fairer sex has been vastly outnumbered in the comment section of late. Hence, your hostess is bringing on a few chicks for herself.

Original comments and photo (of your hostess and an associate) have been left intact.

* * *

chicks dig shoes

chicks dig firemen

chicks dig makeup

chicks dig guys

chicks dig purses

chicks dig bartenders

chicks dig chicks

chicks dig hair

chicks dig cell phones

chicks dig Barbara Eden

chicks chicks chicks


chicks dig magicians

chicks dig vibrators

chicks dig animal trainers



Denny Shane said...

Am I the only one that notices your hand Erin that suspetiously moves up each time I refresh your blog? or is it my imagination?

Walter Meeks said...

I wonder what happened after she paid the cheque?

The Velvet Fog said...

You forgot bike racers.
Chicks dig bike racers.

Vince said...

Barbara Eden rules...I think "Buffets" ought to be pretty high on the list too!!!

shadmarsh said...

do chicks dig ditches? If they do let me know, I have some ditches that need to be dug before the apes invade.

Toby said...

Anna Nicole Smith digs gold.

mom's viagra said...

I KNEW I left too early that night!

Paul said...

Doesn't this violate rule #2? No wait, it's a still shot, not a videotape.

Rose DesRochers said...

Why do I feel like I'm down on the farm? LOL

Hal said...

From the looks of things here, these two chicks dig each other.

Hope Dangling said...

chicks dig cars and money too baby!!!

Grant Bailie said...

And yet chicks do not dig guys poking at their purses with vibrators and saying "Presto, I'm a Magician, lend me your make-up so I can be the prettiest fireman at the bar.

Yeah, I know, it makes no sense but I have found this to be true.

Anonymous said...

vodka on the rocks please.....oh, and could i have a twist of lime in that all nighhhhhht long

jamwall said...

chicks totally dig cowbells..

Erin O'Brien said...

I am so glad all of you are enjoying this photograph of me and my associate associating. Although I should respond to each of you, I am not capable of that level of thought process at this juncture.

Carry on, then.

Hal said...

I should also say that I dig chicks who dig other chicks.

Captain Carl said...

arrr...ay love pics of hot chicks tagether.....Hal is spot on....
ay be makin more progress on Harvey and Eck....T'be a great book and ay have a hard time puttin it down....ay be a terribly slow reader....ay like ta absorb things like a sponge

PDD said...

Chicks dig FREE internet porn videos. Chicks would dig it even more if the videos were full length lasting longer than 17-30 seconds.

Erin, I love that picture of you. Your hair is magnificent! So thick and long. Chicks did long thick hair.

PDD said...

Chicks dig long thick hair.

garrett said...

Did anyone else notice themselves saying "Chigs dick ..." during the reading of Erin's post?

Toby said...

I dig chicks on chicks too. Think that has any bearing on my being single?

kellywalters said...

I didnt know that much about baby chickens till just now..

how exactly does the picture go along with the post??

I am sooo fucking funny I should be a comedian.

Satan said...

perfect timing as usual erin

i saw a bumper sticker this morning that said chicks dig scars

it had a picture of a bullrider on it

Toby said...

I dig shoes when they fit comfortably

I once saved my neighbor from running into her burning home

I did a little acting, makeup is necessary sometimes

I thorouly dig chicks, one who can spell especially

I can finally carry a purse, it's called a laptop case

I serve and have been served

I..t's unanimous we all love chicks

I desire woman's long black locks

I enjoy being accessible

I love long blonde genie hair

I must chicks, chicks and three times chicks

I fourth chicks too

I spent all day on this *poof*

I want to start a fire with a chick during a natural and man made earth quake at the same time

I..m a lover of all things anamalistic.

jamwall said...

i love junctures....

meanwhile, i'm going to return and salivate over this photograph..

Darby M. Dixon III said...


Eve said...


You're so on. Love all of those things...

Michael Manning said...

Erin:...BARBARA EDEN!!! :)

Anonymous said...

You have beautiful friends.


nadina said...

this chick digs guys that do not whine. Thank you very much.

Mongrel Porksword said...

I dig chix who put out.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Wow! This post was like a roll call! BTW, I'd hit it.


Julie said...

Hey Jamwall not only do chicks dig cowbells
but chicks also dig cowboys!! and possibly cowgirls?? but more in the english equestrin way cause lets face it I envy those girls. therefore I dig!!

Zen Wizard said...

What exactly IS it with chicks and magicians?

It's like if some guy can make pigeons fly out of his ass, all of a sudden the Nookie Farm is open.

I really don't get it.

I guess if there was some woman somewhere actually NAMED "Sesame," I would see a causal connection...just as it relates to her. Well, of course, once you HAVE a chick, ANY chick, every woman in the world wants to get with you so maybe that's it...

Men don't care what profession you are--if you are hot, you are hot.

I mean you can be a psychiatrist or the french fry girl at McDonald's or anything in between.

Anonymous said...

Chicks dig me!

HeyJoe said...

Chicks dig me, because I rarely wear underwear and when I do it's usually something unusual.

Simon The Pieman said...

Hey Erin,

If you looked at my site might you dig 'it'?

My site concerns those who dig hashing in Borneo.

I dig your site.