Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Who do you like in the seventh?

* * *

You like people who say "great toe" instead of "big toe."

You know why you like Mrs. Robinson? You like Mrs. Robinson because she was the original cougar.

You know why you like Maggie Thatcher? You like Maggie Thatcher because she sent out the fleet.

You know why you like bunny dressage? You like bunny dressage because it's bunny dressage.

Do you like road trips ? Hell yes you like road trips.

You like guys with jumper cables and tow ropes. You like guys who drive "beaters."

You like Anderson Cooper but you don't want David Muir to know you like Anderson Cooper.

You like Charlie Sheen because ... oh yeah, you don't like Charlie Sheen.

You like birds that like goats.

You like chicks who practice Reiki and chicks who read palms. You like Wicca chicks.

You like William Shatner. You like Butterfinger Crisp bars. You don't know if William Shatner likes Butterfinger Crisp bars.

You like your adult content, but you don't want anyone to know you like your adult content.

You like Campbell's soup even though you don't like Campbell's soup.

You like alpacas. You like turtles.

Two ladies? You like two ladies. You like two ladies a lot.

You like clean sheet day but you don't like saying "clean sheet day" because it makes you sound like a reject from The Real Housewives of Dayton, Ohio.

You like guys who make a Bloody Mary with horseradish even though you don't like Bloody Marys.

You like signs.


Judy said...

Erin, it's interesting the things that run through your mind...

B.E. Earl said...

I once briefly met Anne Bancroft, gave her a hug and she gave me a peck on the cheek.

It's something I will smile about for eternity. The original cougar is right. Rowr.

Mrs. C said...

I like people who buy tents from amazon and have them shipped to UC-Davis so they can effing BLANKET the quad next week...and I LOVE untenured professors who call out administrators who advocate a declension in civic law and civil rights and civil disobedience--that would be Nathan Brown, Dept. of English.

He has a wishlist at amazon and is hoping for 1000 tents for next Monday; I just bought #91.


Cleveland Bob said...

Contrary to the fine opinions of this blog, I LOATHE Maggie Thatcher. She's Reagan in a dumb hat and handbag.

The remainder of the list, however, is spot on.

Bill said...

There is some irony in the process of buying tents from a wall street darling, Amazon, market value about $86 Billion. These tents will inevitibly end up in a landfill. I like people who volunteer or give to local shelters and charities. The $50 to $100 spent for a tent to house a couple of middle class spoiled brats, can do a lot more good in the real world.

Craig Hughes said...

Your on something here Erin. Anne Bancroft is definitely hotter now that she was when the movie came out. Of course I'm 32 yrs older as well.

Anonymous said...

I like the 'v'-shaped logo. Very apropos.

Norm said...

Great toe ring, O'Brien!

twinkly sparkles said...

EOB--this has nothing to do with your fabulous post, but if you hop on over to my blog you will be blown away by the video that I just posted. At least I think so since you are hip enough to have the Wootten family on your ipod.

The tent issue is very interesting. Whether or not the "kids" are middle class has no bearing on anything, unless you can explain to me how, and one can't really say whether or not they are spoiled nor brats. Although calling names might not get you heard too far. It's also not just a couple of kids. I'm almost 50 and I am an Occupier. So are many who are not middle class, nor college students. Just sayin' Bill, but I do think you make a good point about Amazon, the tents, and money. It's a complicated world and nation.

OCCUPY NOW motherfuckers (emphasis mine)

wv: juich: Hey, I'm half-juich myself, but I don't celebrate Hannukah motherfuckers!

Kirk said...

I'm normally pretty ambivalent about Anderson Cooper, but channel surfing not long ago, I heard him say something that made me laugh out loud:

"Snooki just came out with her second book. In case you're counting, that's one more than Harper Lee."

Kirk said...

Craig Hughes said: "Your on to something here Erin. Anne Bancroft is definitely hotter now that she was when the movie came out. Of course I'm 32 yrs older as well."

Hate to break this to you, Craig, but Anne Bancroft died several years ago. Unless by "hot" you mean she was sentenced to damnation for playing Mrs. robinson. But I think God can separate the actress from the role.

DogsDontPurr said...

I just want the outfit that the Goat is wearing with the parrot.

DogsDontPurr said...

Also, you would probably like this site. He's a friend of mine.


VideoDude said...

I just wonder if the 84 year old woman who was pepper sprayed is a kid? Or the pregnant woman or the priest? As I said before. According to the Teapublicans, free speech is only for those who hate!

Bill said...

Excellent point! I would like the person who buys a tent for the 84 yr old woman, the pregnant woman, and the priest, to stay in. It's probably not a good idea, though, for 84 yr olds and pregnant women to be hanging around where protesters are confronting cops. Protecting that fetus would be of paramount concern.

Anonymous said...

YouTube: 'Hitler reacts to pepper-spray cop'.
I spit half of my remaining pancreas on my monitor...

VideoDude said...

So unless you are in perfect health, then you should not protest. Just in case some dumbass cop begins to pepper spray a peaceful crowd. HMMMMMM

Anonymous said...

"Who do I like in the seventh?" Put it all on Lamb Chop to win. He beat Filly Mignon in the Porterhouse Stakes.
MR, channeling Jerome Howard

Mrs. C said...

I particularly love the way a little orange and gray tent can say UNFUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCKERS. And that's worth fifty of my bucks when I can't be there in person to give my regards. For what it's worth, I have a pretty high level of confidence that when they're done with my donation at Davis, they will pass it on--it's part of our liberal mental illness to give and then give again.

WV: menac, as in "Bill is a menac, but I do my best to ignore him."

VM said...

I have no love for Margaret Thatcher, but I like you an awful lot, Erin.

And your great toe really is great!

May you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.