Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Works for me

Whatever you do, watch all the way to the end to see the fancy hat one of the sophisticates is sporting.

Have a great holiday!

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DogsDontPurr said...

When I was little, my dad would put on a fireworks show every 4th of July at our trailer park. I was the only kid there, but the old folks would come out and gather around in lawn chairs to watch.

One year, I was about 10, I was allowed to invite my friends over for a fireworks slumber party. We were all given sparklers to light and play with.

Well, much like the turkey incident in your video, one of my friends set the lawn on fire in front of one of the trailers.

All was fun and good, until somebody yelled, "Holy Shit!!! Get a hose!!"

Good times.

As I recall, that was the last year we put on fireworks at the trailer park.

Bill said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Ya'll!

Jim said...

It's obvious there was alcohol involved. What a hoot. I wonder if the turkey was edible or just sacrificed to the god of fun?

wv - heastere - the pagan version of Easter still celebrated in the hinterlands.

J9 said...

You should see the write up on you tube accompanying this video - nearly as funny as the vid itself!

Bill said...

Hey Al. Or, any other Turkey cooks. Should I take the bird out when the thigh is 180 or 165?

Bill said...

168 worked great.