Friday, October 23, 2009


Lipstick stains are cool.

Old underwear is uncool.

Vintage magic posters are cool.

Beatniks are cool.

Cats are cool.

Calling beatniks "cats" is cool.

Catfights are not cool.

Not cool is different from uncool.

Beer guys are cool.

Guys in kilts are cool.

Guys out of kilts are cool.

Being lukewarm is uncool.

Getting hot is cool.

Parking meters are uncool.

Saying uncool is uncool.

Standing in the "dental" aisle of the discount grocery for 10 minutes staring at the rows of toothpaste while you try to decide between advanced fresh, whitening, and anti-gingivitis is uncool.

Dandruff is uncool.

Vitamins are uncool.

Knowing that toothpaste indecision, dandruff and vitamins are uncool is uncool.

John McCain is uncool.

Meghan McCain is cool.

Silk stockings are cool.

Support hose are uncool.

Sunglasses are cool.

Obama is cool.

Cover-ups are uncool.

Undercover agents are cool.

Being under the covers is cool.

Coolers are cool.

Wine coolers are uncool.

Wine is cool.

Whining is uncool.

Vespas are cool.

Hummers are uncool.

Fishmongers are cool.

Fearmongers are uncool.

Fishmongers throwing fish at fearmongers is cool.

I am cool.

I am uncool.

Being uncool is cool.

* * *


Steve Gravano said...

Your blog is cool.

Joshua said...

That was cool.

denysmaco0l said...

nice post..I like your blog..
please visit me back...

Baking Momma said...

I liked this blog. I liked the end especially..."Being uncool is cool" so true. And you should tell my 1 year old that whining is not cool. Lol. Drives me crazy. good blog.

Anonymous said...

ur blog is a fucking waste of time unless you run some ads - we want u to eggt some money for keeping us all entertained !

dean said...

Getting money for keeping us all entertained is cool.

Erin is cool.

james2285 said...

My Dad called the male nurse at the hospital a hippy beatnick yesterday cause he has a beard and pony tail i thought that was way cool

Anonymous said...


Fatboys menu said...


Tonya said...

I thought you said vitamins were "uncool"? LOL I loved the video.. laughed my head off! I cannot believe you got that many vitamins!! Don't vitamins have an expiry date? lol

Julie said...


(See, being 40 can be really uncool.)

Love it.

LimesNow said...

Soupy Sales was cool. RIP, Soupy.

Soup for dinner is cool.

Souped up cars are uncool.

Glass-half-full people are cool.

Gloom-and-doomers are uncool.

Erin is cool.

I can't decide if I'm cool or uncool and the indecision is uncool.

Cyclists are cool.

Bikers are uncool.

Writers are cool.

MissAmiee said...

Wow... That was really cool. Being the millionth person to say that--uncool.

Patti's Blog said...

I see you use Puritain's P---- for viatmins too.
Oh, and styrofoam popcorn is very uncool.

Michael said...

This was pretty cool.

Congratz on blog of note!

Big Mark 243 said...

Since I am a cat who calls references other people as 'cats', by default I must be cool.

But I have never felt cool. More like the 'in' sound that comes from 'way out'.

John McCain, regardless of political philosophy, is cool. That he gave us Meaghan and she feels as comfortable being her as she is, is in many ways a relflection of his influence.

Obama my be 'in', but I don't know if he is 'cool'. Will have to see him for a bit longer before I give him 'cool'. Could be superficial, like all the 'it' kids were in high school. That doesn't mean he IS cool. Paul Newman as 'Cool Hand Luke' is cool. President Obama as President Obama isn't cool. He IS the leader of our country and I would rather he be capable, then cool.

C'mon and admit it, his 'coolness' is just like the hall of fame status of a first round draft pick ... condition on what he actually does. His promise is what made him the top choice, not that he has actually done something to merit it.

Hmmm... maybe this makes me 'not cool'. I would protest at being labeled 'uncool', but it would be brief.

I am too cool to care.

Courtney Paige said...

I think I'm so uncool I went past being cool and came back to just plain uncool. lol

I'm a new follower, found you on Blog of Note. Kudos. I love it. :)

B said...

Reading this blog post was the perfect way to start my day. Thank you. You are very perceptive. Love the blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow...That's alot of vitamins. Don't vitamins go bad eventually?

Your blog is cool!
And i thought you said vitamins were uncool?But you also said being uncool is cool...

Lord Basil said...

Barry Soetoro (aka Barack Hussein Obama, and Barack Hussein Obama will, in my view, only be an aka for him until he proves otherwise by releasing his birth certificate and proving once and for all that he is a natural born citizen and thus eligible to serve as POTUS) may be cool, but he is cool in the most evil way imagineable.

In a way that Hitler was cool.

All of those moving speeches - especially that completely unnecessary one that was moved to a football stadium during the democrat convention - all of those screaming crowds, all of those phoney promises of unity and a non-partisan era - some of the "coolest" things a politician could do.

Meanwhile he acts surrepetitiously and nefariously to stifle dissent (witness his latest war on Fox News, his plans to create a civilian national defense force "equally as powerful as the US military, witness his underling Nancy Pelosi calling patriots protesting his plans to socialize medical care "nazis" among many instances), and to install appartchiks in the administration as "czars," as well as his deeply personal relationships with terrorists and racists like Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright, and witness his wife getting in on the act by flatly announcing the only time she was proud to be an American is when her husband was nominated for the Democrat Party nomination.

Yeah, he may be cool, and yeah, he may have a wicked jump shot, but don't be surprised if the 2010 elections are mysteriously postponed because of some perceived (or more likely invented) national emergency, because that is the only way the hard traditionalists can be stopped from kicking the Marxists and homosexuals out of Congress.

Kate said...

Just found your blog - will resist the temptation to say that it's cool. But I'm a signed on follower from now on....

Sausage Fingers said...

I am getting the old kilt out of the closet. Cheers. Sausage

Kirk Jusko said...

I know this post is meant to be tounge-in-cheek, and I don't want to take any of the fun away, but the word "cool", like the word "hip", has a kind of a coercive quality about it. Before all you greasers and hipsters get mad at me, so do the words "respectable", "upstanding", "decent", and "normal".

To thine own self be true. As long as you don't hurt anybody in the process.


The Crap Blog Detective said...

I have reviewed your blog and its pointless.

Natalyn Giverson said...

Hi, I'm Natalyn and I suffer from uncool toothpaste indecision. But since being uncool is cool, I'm cool, right? Sweet.

Found your blog via BoN. Congrats and thanks for a few minutes of fun reading!

Amy L. Hanna said...

Ass-kicking is cool.
Ass-kissing ... not so much.

Neglecting to simply thank one of your readers for some cool links sent a while back ... tres uncool, mon amie.

Erin O'Brien said...

Amy, if you sent me links, I sure don't remember. Sorry.

TEN said...

Thanks for that post Erin. I needed something fun like that... Good show!

Anonymous said...

Erin is cool

Cats are not cool

Dogs are cool

Dudes who think McCain is cool & Obama is not are uncool (sorry)

Dudes who compare Obama to Hitler wont understand much

Pizza is cool


Satan said...

cool is so overrated

hot is where its at

garrett said...

I can't believe that you (of all people!) would say that hummers are uncool. I don't even know who you are anymore.

Anonymous said...

Obama in sunglasses is the epitome of cool

Once Known as The Badger said...

Hummers with a small "h" are cool, Hummers the vehicle are not even uncool, they're stupid.

This is the coolest blog ever, even if it's thought pointless... points are pointy; one could hurt themselves if running with...

Blog of Note, eh? The Flying Spaghetti Monster would be proud. I know I am.

Anonymous said...

this post was really cool!!! i like it :)

Lun said...

i'm cool hehe

Celf Berw said...

Deep, deep admiration for your vitamins stash, very coolly uncool!

Earl Tesch said...

At their cores, politicians cannot be cool. Obvious exceptions are JFK and James Polk.

I liked this entry so much, Ms. Erin, that I think I'm going to have a grand re-opening over at the albatross.


sarah toa said...

"Iam alive"
And so you are Erin, thankyou for your wonderful affirmations on being female and luscious.
Sarah, Western Australia

sibbloger said...

Thank you, very good blog. Now I am a regular reader of his

Erin O'Brien said...

Are tube socks cool or uncool?

SilkyHolly said...

Baristas are cool!!

Autumn is cool and beautiful.

SilkyHolly said...

tubesocks are uncool with shorts or pants but cool with a skirt.

Holly (-;

SilkyHolly said...

Red lipstick is always cool.


this is she said...

After reading your blog, I would definitely have to say that I am...uncool. Especially the toothpaste thing. Ugh. But hey, I guess that makes

Joshua said...

After stepping outside after work yesterday, the first thing that popped into my head was this post. Here's what it was:

Fair weather is cool (pun intended).

Fair-weather fans are uncool.

Tina said...

I really like your blog. I have a gross story about those little elastic bands and my reconstructive jaw surgery...but maybe for another day. I think its cool but every other person in the world thinks its uncool and just gross..

helen said...

I think vitamins are cool! What makes them uncool? check out things i think are cool:


Sean said...

This post is very cool- he said agreeing with the masses who preceded him.

It reminds me of what hayleyghoover does at the end of all of her posts.
-for example, here's one I liked:
"Sexy: Call me predictable, but I'm going to say it: funny guys. You know that Bo Burnham makes me say OOOH (only Megan McCafferty fans will get that joke; read Sloppy Firsts if you don't!), but humor of all kinds attracts me.
Unsexy: Well. Most kinds of humor attract me. You can insult my political beliefs and pick at my religion or race and I'll love you for it, but make a Harry Potter joke, and it's on. Rob suggested tonight that Potter is a movie franchise, and it took all my mental strength not to snap in z-formation and suck my teeth."

Great minds think alike i suppose. I really like your blog! very cool!

Shari said...

I do not blog so I must be uncool. I have to do this for a diversity class which is uncool. I find this blog very cool.

SilkyHolly said...

blogging is cool.

Anonymous said...

is this a play on the being and un being theam from lao tsu's tao te ching?
'being and non being produce each other. difficult and easy compliment each other. long and shot define each other. high and low oppose each other. fore and aft follow each other.'