Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama/Springsteen Rally, Cleveland OH, Nov. 2, 2008

Here are some Erinflections on an amazing event.

The line to get into the Obama/Springsteen Rally winded all through downtown Cleveland. Click to enlarge the pic (or any pic in the post). You'll see the line of people all along the grass (that's our big "We Are All Witnesses" Lebron billboard in the background). It was unbelievable; no pic could capture it. We walked and walked and walked to find the end of the line! I never thought we'd get in.

We didn't get in, at least to the close-up venue on Mall B--but we got close enough to hear and see the action on a video screen. I was one little Erincule in a sea of peeps! Even so, I ran into two people I knew. Then two people I didn't know knew me! The Goat totally rolled his eyes when someone would point and yell "Erin O'Brien!" I am short and there was so so so many peeps ... weird but way cool and rock my face off.

Scary security guys on all the buildings.

Cleveland still has a mounted police unit.

Tons of cool peeps and I love it.

The screen we watched.

Hi blimp.


More scary security guys, but for good reason. There was no metal detectors, no pat-downs--no security check whatsoever for the peripheral crowds. Anyone could have open-fired (Ohio has goddamn conceal carry law) or detonated an explosive.

Lovey-dovey couple in front of me. Yay!

Despite the shitty quality of my vid, you still get an idea of how spine-tingling Springsteen's performance was. I misted over when he did "This Land is Your Land." "The Rising" put my heart in my throat.

Dumb Erin.

Despite having been standing for hours in a tight crowd, everyone lit up when Obama took the stage. Your Girl Reporter was mashed by tons of taller peeps! This vid was the best I could do.

Confidential pic for Al TRAG.

For several minutes of Obama's speech, a security helicopter circled the BP building, focusing on one particular spot near the top. 'Bout scared the shit out of me. There was no quick or simple exit from where I was standing with Lil' OB and the Goat (see massive forehead in pic).

We love Obama!


deangc said...

Tell everyone you know to vote. Drive to their house and yell at them if you have to. I want an Obama landslide. I want the GOP kicked in the political balls.

Hell, I might just sneak across the border and try to vote for Obama myself.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'll give you something to sneak across the border for, baby.

Did I mention that I can see Canada from my house?

Anonymous said...

Woody Guthrie For The Win.

Go Ohio GO!

Ohio goes blue or Florida goes blue---GAME OVER!


Geoff Schutt said...

Thanks for sharing all the pics and video, Erin. Makes me feel that I was part of the crowd. (Very nice that Springsteen played Woody Guthrie, too.) Keep up these amazingly true adventures of Erin, the amazingly cool Girl Reporter.
As an aside, or rather a thought ... actually, rather a question -- How many volumes do you see the series of Girl Reporter books going? Has to be more than Nancy Drew or The Hardy Boys, yes?

Velvet Fog said...

The Boss is, well The Boss.
That looks like fun. I wish he'd come play Chicago.

The door is open, but the ride it ain't free.