Sunday, May 06, 2007

Seventh Heaven

Only for Tilde cause she's cute!

I was a-sposed to do seven habits, but I never do memes and when I do do a meme, I never follow the rules.








Seven songs I listen to again and again and again and again:

"Wagon Wheel" Old Crow Medecine Show

"You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go" Madeleine Peyroux

"The Man Comes Around" Johnny Cash

"Oh Caroline" Shaggy

"1952 Vincent Black Lightning" Richard Thompson

"Tear Stained Eye" Son Volt

"My Girl Josephine" Super Cat


~d said...

(sining! ♫ I LOVING YOU! ♫)
This is SUPER!

YAY! for not following like-HELLO! Rules! Hip hop hooray!

OK. Lalala!
~d heart Erin

~d said...

S A R F !!!! I effin hate typos! SINGING! I am SINGING!!! ♫LA♫LA!

Henri de Montmorency said...

I am so loving your blog, Erin. I am new at blogging as I never get a chance to get to a computer because it seems everywhere I go, there's always a human on it. They're away now and I'm finding your blog one of the best I have seen tonight.

Norm said...

*yo less-than-trés, o'brien*


Hal said...

I love butchering memes, and I love the way you butchered this one, Erin.

~d, my replies will be up soon. Promise.

whitenoise said...

wine your body, gal

exposed said...

"Said Red Molly to James, that's a fine motor bike.."

one of my all time ever favorite songs. and my six year old knows the words and breaks into it out of nowhere... i'm sending you something.

EBEZP said...

Oh Erin it was you on the news then. The naked woman shopping in Cleveland while writing about toys, men and chicks!

Anything by Richard Thompson! Nice 1

I'm glad ~d tagged you and because I tagged her you can blame me if you want!!

BV said...

Henri is one smart cookie.