Monday, April 30, 2007

Body image

I do not have Body Issues.

I wear clothing that Fits Properly.

I have a Healthy Self Esteem.

I understand the importance of a Balanced Diet.

1. I have no Obsessive Compulsions.
2. I have no Obsessive Compulsions.
3. I have no Obsessive Compulsions.
4. I have no Obsessive Compulsions.
5. I have no Obsessive Compulsions.

I DO NOT have all the Jane Fonda workout tapes in boxes that have never been opened.

Metallic spandex is excellent workout attire.

I DID Stop the Insanity.

I believe that pork is The Other White Meat.


sxKitten said...

Oh, now I want some metallic spandex, too! Unless, you know, that means I actually have to start working out.

BV said...

I don't have body issues until I start talking to my mom.

Anonymous said...

okay all i can saw is Leslie Hall 'Gold Pants Lullaby'

Bostick said...

I have body hair issues

Corn Dog said...

I have under arm flab issues.

Doug said...

I'm fine now that I've lost enough fat that I can see my wiener again.

(Sorry. I just love saying 'wiener.' Wiener wiener wiener.)

Hal said...

I have scrotum issues.

Erin O'Brien said...

SxK: Jane Fonda used to wear these itsy bitsy leotards made out of the stuff. Then she'd top off the outfit with a headband and high heels Go sistah!

BV: You're beautiful, baby, no matter what anyone says.

anon: I can dig it!

Bostick: Slather thyself with Nair, lay in the sun for a couple hours, then hose the eff off.

Corn: Me too! I hate those things.

Doug: Why not paint a lil' smiley face on it?

Hal: Start a group: SA: Scrotum Anonymous.

sxKitten said...

Oh, I remember Jane all right. My high school gym teacher played pro football (CFL) and they used her tapes for their pre-game warm-ups. So on sunny days, we played football, and on rainy days, we sweated with Jane.

Mongrel Porksword said...

I don't care about body issues. I just care that chix put out.

~d said...

~d totally hearts Erin!

Ken Houghton said...

Was with you until Pork being TOWM. Can only assume (one legacy Midwesterner to a current one) that all of the pigs in the area of the Land of Cleves are being fed strange Chinese additives.