Saturday, April 28, 2007



Sleepy's right, I need a break. So howzabout a flashback?

Meet Erin of the people.


Pack said...

I would NOT have let her continue.
I would have shut her down in a harsh and abrasive manner.
YOU are a saint.

Norm said...

*flashes O'Brien*

Back atcha.

Wait. Did I misunderstand? Oops.

josh williams said...

I am very laid back, but crowds and cutters change my nature and I look for the vein closest to the surface and I severe the connection! I do not suffer cutters. I ...I can comment no further I have to go for a brisk run to shake my fury.

jungle jane said...

ohhhh i remember that post well - i loved it! of course us british folk shuffle awkwardly and say nothing at all. we are too polite. it is a burden.

shaina said...

woohoo! hi erin. shaina here, from doug's blog.
i just finished reading your entire archive...took me maybe four days. i'm proud of myself, though possibly a bit stalkerish.
but i love you. and your writing.
so there.

Bostick said...

Hello Erin O'Brien. I an Chinese and make fiwacwackers in a fawtowee.

Bwottoles wockets and schwitt.

Ms Baroque said...

Erin, thank God! I thought I was the only one.

What annoys me though, what woudl have really annoyed me if I were you, s that no one stuck up for you in the line! What were your fellow customers doing??? Are they shoppers or mice??

Especially the little guy in the ill-fitting suit. It was his immediate loss, really.

If you tried that where I live, though, you'd probably be knifed.

Hal said...

Oh baby, the memories that post brought back.

Especially when you said "69."