Friday, October 20, 2006

Shitty and lame

Here are a few quintessential shitty and lame things, at least in my world:

1. Putting a cup of chili or stew in the microwave for just a few seconds and skipping the cover-it part. It blows ass all over the inside of the microwave: shitty and lame.

2. Dripping paint on the ground when you're painting and not realizing it. Stepping in the paint and not realizing it. Walking all over the house like a human stamp, leaving a trail of identical dick-shaped paint stains behind you: shitty and lame.

3. Getting in the shower and soaking down, then realizing you forgot to put the new soap (or shampoo or whatever) in there and having to go out and drip water all over the bathroom while you paw around the cabinet for a bar of Dial while your freezing and wet and naked: shitty and lame.

4. Elton John being a knight: shitty and lame.


Dean said...

I kinda think Elton John himself is ... oh, never mind.

Hal said...

I did your meme here.

As for Elton, I think "Sir Mick Jagger" is shittier and lamer meself.

Anonymous said...

HA ! Thanks Erin..

Here are a few more---

1- Getting into the shower and forgeting a towel. Shitty and lame

2- Sneezing and getting snot everywhere. Shitty and lame

3- Farting and crapping you undies. SHITTY and lame

4- Stepping in dog poo barefooted and having it squish thru your toes. Really shitty and lame

5- Drinking out the wrong beer, the 'ash tray' one. Shitty and lame

Toby said...

I do #3 all the time. Shitty and lame.

FLAMINGO1 said...

The only thing that I can think of that is shitty and lame is that one-legged homeless guy that lives under a bridge and craps himself.

Anonymous said...

Getting a hickey on your neck and having your mom notice. Shitty and lame...even at 25.

~d said...

Man I really want to contribute to the whole shitty and lame list...but I am not feeling it today. I am feeling QUITE RANDY after BV's post!!
Trying to print a piece of erotica and running out of printer paper: Shitty and lame.
~d ♥ Erin

Mohawk Chieftain said...

There are too many shitty and lame things... and people out there, to start a list. But, I wanna put my name in the hat to volunteer for the position of soap dish & towel holder, if the job opens up....

Bugwit Homilies said...

Sir Paul McCartney. THat tops all until Gary Glitter get knighted.

Sir Sacha Baron there's a knighthood I can get behind!

Anonymous said...

Going to a blog and seeing a nekkid dude.

Shitty and lame

Jim Winter said...

Campaign literature: Shitty and lame.

Dear Major Parties, I'm keeping a tab on who stuffs the most in my mailbox. The one with the most campaign crap loses and gets to pay for replacing my shredder. You've been warned. Have a nice day, bitches.

Luv, Jim

I'm James R. Winter, and I approve this shitty and lame message.

wwwriter said...

voting in the state of Ohio and having your vote hijacked--VERY shitty and lame

P.S. Ken Blackwell is a snake and so is Mike DeWine...God SAVE Ohio! Vote DEMOCRATIC!

Anonymous said...

The G.O.P. Is shitty and lame and has run out of gas.

Helen Mansfield said...

According to, this is what the Senate race in Pennsylvania has cost the candidates thus far:

Rick Santorum (R) * $24,988,041
Bob Casey (D) $14,995,803
Carl J. Romanelli (3) $15,394

Shitty, scary & lame.

FLAMINGO1 said...

Vote for Romanelli. Punish those other bastards for spending all that money.

G.O.P. = shitty and lame
Dems = shitty and lame

both want nothing more than to continue to feed the machine.

Small government; less intrusive government - vote Libertarian!!!

Anonymous said...

Finding that you have a hair between your toes after putting on your socks.

Shitty and lame

Hal said...

Putting on a sock and ripping the heel open - shitty and lame.

Being in a hotel, ordering some PPV porn, that turns out to not even have nudity - shittier and lamer than anything that could ever be deemed shitty and lame.

Having a lukewarm breakfast in a gigantic styrofoam clamshell with a plastic fork that breaks in half when you cut off a piece of sausage - shitty and lame.

Having a woman tell you that the thing she likes the most about you is that you aren't a sexual threat - shitty and lame.

Getting cockblocked -shitty and lame.

Meetings at 9am on a Saturday - shitty and lame.

Roxi said...

why does bostick get all the all about him posts??

I did one for him too..

hes just a lady magnet.

Anonymous said...

Hal - Those were really good ones. Bravo..

Anonymous said...

Roxi - Bubble?

~d said...

Sir Sacha Baron there's a knighthood I can get behind!

Bug: I am King Julius the XIII, the self proclaimed Lord of the Lemers. Please fell free to bask in my glo!

Hal: I am worried about emailing and chatting with you becuse I find you such an incredible sexual threat.

Hal said...

I quoted myself here, because the only thing more egotistical than self quoting is self plagiarism.

After I posted it, I turned on Cheaters and watched all of it with rapt attention.

Elisson said...

Shitty and lame: realizing the post you're commenting on was written over three months ago, but it just came up in Bloglines owing to a recent update.

Shitty and Lame: to this decade what Fear and Loathing was to the 1970's.