Monday, January 30, 2006

O'Brien's Associates Break Silence

Associates of O'Brien who were with her the night photos in this post and this post were taken have broken their silence and disclosed specifics regarding O'Brien's behavior on the snowy evening O'Brien stopped by martini bar.

According to members of the party, O'Brien consumed seven martinis.

After said consumption, O'Brien reportedly said, "you are so beautiful," to several members of the party.

O'Brien approached a man on a barstool and parted his legs, said one party member. O'Brien's motives, however, were unclear, she said.

"And then the poor bastard had to go home alone," said O'Brien's husband during a subsequent interview.

O'Brien said she did not recollect parts of the snowy evening and therefore could not the address the veracity of the claims of the party members. However, conceded O'Brien, she could not deny them.

"Shit," said O'Brien.

Other party members said they witnessed O'Brien using motions usually associated with traffic management while she attempted to attract other martini bar attendees to dance.

Party members said they have since advised O'Brien to refrain from consuming more than two martinis in a sitting. O'Brien said she would seriously consider the suggestion.


Anonymous said...

Any chick that knows about the liberator wedge and can down seven martinis is tight tight tight.

Blog on.

nicole said...

All this means is that you KNOW how to have fun and there's nothing wrong with that! ;)

hypnotist collector said...

I would like to admit to being one of the aforementioned party members, although this is the first time I have broken my silence.
Decidedly the so beautiful comment lost its effectiveness with each additional honoree, however the spreading of legs I missed.
I suggest the consumption of more martinis until intentions become undeniably obvious to all present.

Garrett said...


The Phoenix said...

Are you really considering their suggestion, or merely just trying to appease them.

I'd say more than five, but less than ten is perfectly fine.

PDD said...

Erin, I've been swamped. Can't keep up with your posts girl. I am getting my very own computer. It is scheduled to arrive tonight. You will be hearing from me a lot more now that I will have easy access to my very own computer. You will regret having ever met me through blogosphere. I will clutter your blog with comments to last you a lifetime. Same goes for Pinky.

Love you girl.


Stephanie Powers said...

2 or 7. Does anyone ever really know how many they had after the 3rd? I never knew whether it was goiing to be 2 or 22. Keep on rockin' in the free world.

Hal said...

A FINE example you set!

Satan said...

you rocked the hell out of that place

remember when we were dancing and you fell down on the pool table and i climbed on top of you and made humping motions

the place fell apart on that one

then we went out back and made out for like a half an hour and i gave you my phone number but you never called

i felt a little used but honestly i liked it

Bloodgood said...

Part of me wants to quote Jimmey Buffet, but I guess that is a cliche. So, excellent work on your consumption, and way to make out with an evil overlord. How does your husband feel about Satan?

Erin O'Brien said...

Tight: I dropped by your place and about was forced to spend the next part of the day ... er ... taking care of a certain anxious feeling--if you know what I mean.

bloodgood: My husband would be worried if I were chasing Jesus Christ.

Satan: Maybe next time you will make second base.

hypnotist collector: I am your humble and willing servant.

Phoenix: I don't think partying with you is a good idea.

ngr: with the way my head felt the next day, I'm not I can assert "nothing wrong with that," but we did have fun.

Hal and garrett: actually, my set is a fine example.

Stephanie: go play with Hal.

PDD: I look forward to your every peep.

josh williams said...

Two martini's are they insane! Advice smidvice!

kellywalters said...


you go GIRL!

kellywalters said...
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PDD said...

Girl, we've got to go party.

Stephanie Powers said...

What I can't recall is whether or not I've already done that. Can you please advise.

Bob Dole said...

O'Brien and Bob Dole have a lot in common. Bob Dole can't put Bob Dole's finger on it, but Bob Dole likes the way O'Brien talks.

jamwall said...

it was the cowbell beat...i knew it. natives from the mountains jig to that ancient livestock beat with raw veracity. villagers part legs, consume grog all night and consume the rhytum of the cowbell.

i myself was nude at the time, eating an entire watermelon.

i still have no idea why..