Monday, January 16, 2006

Stopping by martini bar on snowy evening

The trepidation regarding the pending reviews of my first novel by my fellow bloggers was so overwhelming, I had to do something to relieve my stress and divert my attentions.
As shown in the photos, my darling readers can rest assured that I am not alone during this difficult time.

For those who are following along as this tale of three reviews reveals itself, here are updates from garrett, who has renamed his site, "The Twelve Days of Harvey & Eck: Cold Pimping for Erin O'Brien, Yo," and bon, for whom the review task looms so large, she has sworn off blogging until it is complete.

We shall manage to get to the other side of this together, with faith and solemn determination as our ever-present companions.

Click here for more on how the story has unfolded thus far.


FLAMINGO1 said...

I am glad that you are not alone during this time...I just wish the pictures showed you washing Ann Curry's hair.

mildly disappointed,


Anonymous said...

no shampoo required...just the story that goes along with those two great smiles

J to the fucking C said...

Hey baby, you're like so totally in and shit. We'll be throwing a special party for you tonight so be sure to stop by.

We throw a party every night.

You give me a body of water, I give you a party.

PDD said...

Don't you worry Erin. I already wrote the review over the weekend. Then my husband and I ran into a little snag, so I haven't been able to do any fine tuning yet. Hopefully I will get that all wraped up tonight. So, does this mean we get to post it before the end of January?

You are a hot babe. The first pic of your friend mildly resembles Elaine Benice from Seinfeld. That is a compliment since I find Elaine Benice to be a babe as well.

I particularly like the second pic of you. With your cheeks all flushed, you look like you have just come off the steam boat/train, if you know what I mean. I always like the way I look after having a wirl with the hub.

Hot damn! You are a goddess.

jungle jane said...

these pictures remind me of my racehorse, Lesbian Dreams.

I can't wait to read the book! i want a copy! i want to read it before the reviews and definitely before they make the movie.

you totally rock Erin

Satan said...

have your fun erin

jesus writes checks you cant cash and his daddy wont honor

you want the real party then come with me

i am mildly offended at the use of the term goddess unless we add on

of the underworld

i have read harvey and eck and endorse it

i have eternity to do things and that gives me a lot of extra time to read

this might be more important that getting on the oprah book club list

or it would be if souls condemned to hell ever read

Erin O'Brien said...

Oh Satan, that book endorsement thing turns my purr machine WAY up. All I can tell you and Jesus Christ is that I will have to confer with my *friend* about which way the two of us ought to swing on this ...

Regarding the rest of the story, anonymous, only our hairdressers know for sure.

JJ and PDD: girlies, we wish you were here.

Sorry to disappoint Flamingo, but I'm only one woman.

nicole said...

Based on the photos alone, I can see that I need to live vicariously through YOU, Erin! ;)

Dongley Shlongford said...

I am having that first picture screen printed on my new thong.

PDD said...

A copy & paste response to the comment you left on my most recent post. I want to make sure you get this message.

Erin, lets join forces and tell Oprah, if she knows what's good for her, she'll read your book. I honestly believe that if Oprah read your book you'd get the golden seal of approaval. I have already thought about contacting Ms. Winfrey. Seriously.

Which reminds me, I've got to call "home office" now. I think I forgot to mention, or have I? I had called "home office" last week, a few days earlier than the time frame I had initially given myself. I know Heather will love it. And that is why I'm going to be relentless.

Love you babes,


P.S. The snag I had mentioned on your blog, not a personal snag between me and the hub. We have taken in one of his employees at least for a couple of days, but we had to bail her out first. We got the call over the weekend, and we were consumed with the situation ever since. It's not as bad as it seems. She's an innocent little philapino girl whose got a husband as evil as Satan himself. Although, to look at him, you'd think he couldn't hurt a fly if his life depended on it. So don't you worry where the reviews concerned. I have written it. I still have to give it one more once over.

Eddie said...

I been lookin all over for that little Philipino girl ever since she escaped from my garage last night! Is her name Ernestis? 4'7", head shaved flat with a mole near her privates? She's mine; how'd she get all the way to Canada.

Sorry, if I'd known she was married I wouldn't have shaved the head flat.

PDD said...

No, she's all MINES! Thats right, MINES! not MINE, MINES! ALL MINES!

By the way, I like what you have done to her head. They say flat is in now.

Eddie said...

Isn't that what a woman's head is for, to set my Budwieser on?

zanytwo said...

I wrote an email on the Ellen website under her a section about 'what are people talking about'. I said we're talking about the fabulous Erin O'brien's novel Harvey & Eck. Told her to read it and contact Erin.

Let us know WHEN she calls!!!

FLAMINGO1 said...

Then you can go dance with Ellen. I am willing to bet that she would let you wash her hair.

Maybe she knows Ann Curry.

I may get my wish after all.

PDD said...

Yes, that is what I meant as to "what's in" however, Budweiser is so out, dude. Try Stella. You'll like it. Actually, by the looks of your profile, you may not.

Satan said...

if you would like you could put on your book jacket that satan endorses your book

perhaps you would like to put this in the liner notes

best read this eternity
-satan - hades daily picayune

Dongley Shlongford said...


Does a fella have to move his bowels in hell?

Satan said...

dongley i cant give you an absolute answer on the question

some residents have the constant urge to move their bowels but are unable to

other residents cant control their bowel movements

it depends what mood i am in and how cooperative you were while you were here

i already have a couple of quality ideas for your arrival

lets just say that you might want to consider bringing some sturdy gloves

Dongley Shlongford said...

Leg em down and smack em yack em!