Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Stopping by martini bar on snowy evening, ending verse


This is the last picture taken during the Stopping by Martini Bar on Snowy Evening event. I realized I did not clarify in my previous post--although most of you have already probably deduced--that I am the brunette.

I invite any and all bloggers to suggest a caption for this photograph.

In the meantime, here are more musings on my novel from fellow blogger garrett.


Satan said...

erin leaned in close

very close

and whispered in a breathy purr

lets make a satan sandwich

jungle jane said...

"I'm sure Jane's cocaine is right here under your coat"...

Melanhead said...

"If I close my eyes but for a moment, I can imagine I am nuzzling Ann Curry's hair. Maybe she'll let me wash it with the conditioner in the martini glass."

jennifer starfall said...

come on, blondie. yes, we're all impressed, but please close your shirt... i know you're drunk and all, but you've already squirted quite enough breast milk into the martini glass.

BadGod said...

I want to lick that blond chick's nipple.

PDD said...

Brunette: "So there's this blogger character named Flamingo..."

Blond: "Oh, stop it. You're making me laugh. He lives in Arizona..."

Dongley Shlongford said...

I was going to make a caption of said photo, but then I drew a map of French Polynesia on the screen, obsuring the photograph beyond recognition.

Dongley Shlongford said...

By the way, that 'martini' looks a tad milky. Are you sure I wasn't there?

TheBlogSnob said...

Don't be bitter. I am really turned on by this drivel.

FLAMINGO1 said...

Blonde: "You are simply peeling off another layer," she said in an echoey voice. "Let it fall off, little chrysalis, like an onion skin. Can I go straight on you."

Erin: Ann Curry respects me as a writer AND an craftstman!"

Blonde: "You mean craftsWOMAN."

Erin: "You may not use a strap-on on me."

Blonde: "Holy Shit! Look out, it's a fucking Gort!"

Erin: "Where did everyone go? Fuck it, let's get some chicken pot pie. Where are the big plates?"

Gorts: "All your base are belong to us."

Erin O'Brien said...

Here I sit at four ay-em, in my satin and lace teddy, laughing so hard that my onion skins are falling off at an alarming level.

Flamingo, I have been gloriously, effectively boomeranged.

Oh yeah, and did I forget to mention that I love you people? All of you people?