Thursday, October 15, 2015

When all things culminate in one perfect object

Sometimes the fates smile on my tiny corner of the world.

Enter an angel in the form of one Jane Pierce, who did deliver unto me a treasure chest of puzzles she rescued from a garage sale. (How great is that?)

Among them, dear reader, was this beauty.

Country Fair puzzle by artist Lori Schory for White Mountain Puzzles

Would you just get a load of that? I mean COME ON. Anyone who follows me with any regularity knows that I loves me some county fairs. I even have a moo tee shirt.

This puzzle has bunnies and moos and oinks and everything. Plus, it was really really fun and easy to do. The best part? There were little surprises only a puzzler would understand, like a horse nosing around the sno-cone stand and a rooster peeking out from behind a sign heralding candy apples for sale.

Whimsical goat detail, Fair puzzle

Then came something that's never happened before: I discovered a kindred spirit when the pieces came together.

Kindred spirit of Erin O'Brien embodied in Fair Puzzle (no, not the horse)

Photographic proof of previous assertion

Part of me wants to believe that puzzle artist Lori Schory took some liberty with the good looking fella on the "tractor." Part of me wants to believe it is her hubby or dad or some other great guy in her life that loves roaming around a fair as much as I do with my ol' Goat.

Goat and exceptionally long friend at Portage County Fair

I noticed the following on the White Mountain Puzzle website:

Every White Mountain Puzzle includes our HAPPINESS GUARANTEE: If you are not completely delighted with your puzzle experience, we will replace your puzzle with a new one for free. Promise.

Photo of Goat and Lil' OB taken under duress

Well, White Mountain, I can tell you that this puzzle inflated me with pure puzzle-puzzling joy, but I appreciate your faith in your product just the same.

*  *  *


Jane Pierce aka zJayne said...

I love how you love a good puzzle! ...and I'm fully with you on the kindred spirit find!! too fun!

Lori Schory said...

Dear Erin, Sean, one of the owners of White Mountain Puzzles just shared your delightful post about my "Country Fair puzzle art and boy oh boy! was I ever delighted! You are 10% correct, the man on the tractor is my dear friend, Dale, who happened to spot his own face immediately when I gave him the "Country Fair" puzzle! It didn't take him any time at all to see his little face on the cover of that box! We all got a big charge out of the fact that he spotted himself immediately! I am glad that you enjoyed all the little nuances I snuck into the design and I, too have a passion for the county fairs here in Wisconsin. The only sad thing about them as they mark the end of the summer season. Oh well, it's such a joy to walk around and feel the festive atmosphere and to see so many folks just having such a great time! Thank you so MUCH for sharing your experience! XXOO Lori Schory

Lori Schory said...

I meant 100% correct!!!!!
Lori Schory

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks for dropping in Lori and Jane. I really loved this puzzle.

Anonymous said...

The Browns are trying to beat the Broncos and about 6 pigeons are sitting in the middle of the field.


Anonymous said...

Browns lose in OT. Pigeons.


Anonymous said...

Karma. Don't forget the Indians used mayflies to WIN.


Anonymous said...

NBA Season starts Tuesday, 10/27. Unfortunately this news is overshadowed by the news that Jim Bob Cooter is now Offensive Coordinator for the Detroit Lions.