Sunday, August 31, 2014

Phone cam round-up, Canfield Fair edition

Round and round at the Canfield Fair

Honey tree with big bears and little bears

BoozeFighters on the scene

Spoiler alert: Pickle Surpize reportedly contains, pickle, chocolate and peanut butter.
Contents not independently verified by Owner's Manual field staff.

Goat perusing Men's Garden Club Display

Humble hostess, giant pumpkin and friend
Fine Arts, rooster of locks and admirers

Fine Arts, revealed

Entertainment adjacent to Fine Arts

Terrified beasts threatened, but did not attack

Dining option: Cheese-Chili-Loaded-Garbage

Dahlia contest entrants

Parking row recorded on thumb of Goat under duress

Photos admittedly not taken with a phone cam, but your humble hostess will assume that the readership gets the proverbial picture.

* * *


Harry Finch said...

"Canfield Fair" sounds like a song where a great love affair begins and ends between the sausage kiosk and the beer tent. Or something like that.

Dudesworthy said...

The big cock outside the fine arts exhibit is a really impressive erection.

Erin O'Brien said...

Hi Finch. Hi Dude.

Anonymous said...

"You know those foam balls you put on your car antenna to help find it? EVERY car should have one!"-H.J. Simpson


Anonymous said...

Although the Giant Cock on the Arts building is impressive, the owner of the Giant Cock Ring in that first photo must be Un Pollo Gigante.


Anonymous said...

Hiya Erin:

Sorry, off topic a little bit.

There was conversation here recently on the drought in California. Atlantic Monthly is currently running a photo feature on that terrible situation.

If you're interested in this topic at all you'll be glad you checked it out. The Atlantic runs a lot of scary-good album pieces on a multitude of topics.


Anonymous said...

Once again semi-pff-topic, the California water story.

Another article of interest to anybody who was interested the first time the drought story came up here, Mother Jones has an article today about the politics of the issue, with a who's who of players both private and public.

Densely packed with facts.