Monday, September 03, 2012

2012 Geauga County Fair

Dig you some Big Cow.

Big Cow has attitude. Big Cow has style. I'll take me a mean ol' Big Cow over that candy ass laughing Elsie any day of the week.

Anyone see my bonnet? Hand it over quick--my date's here.

Castle? Check. Court jesters? Yep.

Vehicle of alternative Geauga County Fair attendee.

Sorry to break it to you, Big Foot, but you ain't no Big Cow, so enough with the silly mug already.

Kissin' goats.

Marilyn was at the Fair.

Fried Snickers bar? Sounds good and all, but ... um ... no thanks.

I'll have a giant smoked turkey leg instead.

Peeps in a barn full o' chicks.

Cow #264 was on the scene.

No, Goat, you may not go on the Teddy Bear ride.

Is the associated purveyor only excited about his bratwurst, or am I supposed to carry the enthusiasm of the exclamation point throughout my sign reading experience? Dunno.

What the hell is a Jo-Jo?

I'm sort of diggin' on the fried pickles, but there's just too much bad karma left over from the punctuation trauma. 

You cwazy wabbit!

Obligatory tank photo.

CODE RED NEWS ALERT: A blacksmith in a kilt is the gold standard for Not Candy Ass from now on.

We had a blast, Geauga County. See you next year!

*  *  *


Jon Moore said...

Good thing your Goat doesn't have ears like those goats.
I can't believe that you , Erin O'Brien, are unfamiliar with Jo-Jos. They're fried potato wedges. Bigger than your common french fry, always with the skin left on, most often pressure cooked. Bad fried pickle karma indeed.

Erin O'Brien said...

Oh yeah. Jo Jo potato wedges.

It was the sign I tell ya. The sign threw me off.

Tony Rugare said...

Brings back a lot of good memories,thanks.

jo said...

It's driving me crazy....What did they cover up on the fried candy bar sign? Did they have another fried delicacy that was so good it sold out, or so heinous they had to cease and desist selling it? This is driving me crazy. Do you think it was deep fried Bratwurst! ?

jo again said...

(see how crazy it's driving me? right into the department of redundancy dept)

DogsDontPurr said...

There is a teeny tiny gas station on Hwy 30 in Clatskanie Oregon (pronounced: klatz kan EYE, not Eeee, if you're picky about such things)....they make the best Jo Jo potatoes ever.

These become the BEST JO JO POTATOES IN THE WORLD after you've been driving 12 hours and know you've still got exactly 26 miles to go till you reach your home base in Astoria Oregon.

I savor my Jo Jo's as I drive those last miles in the dark, considering that many people actually RUN 26 mile marathons...FOR FUN!

Just driving those last miles is more than I can stand. At least I've got my Jo Jo's to carry me through!

Jon Moore said...

How many times have you burned the roof of your mouth on those Jo-Jos 'cause you couldn't wait?

DogsDontPurr said...

@JM....Why do yo ask???
*fans fan hot hot...wha..?!?*

rraine said...

any man in a kilt has my immediate respect. and more, if he asks nicely.

Erin O'Brien said...

You're more than welcome, Tony. We had so much fun.

Why Jo, you out erinobriened me. That was the perceptive and evocative comment. Why, you should have written the caption. You're hired.

Man, who doesn't want some of DDP's JoJo's?

rraine: I know. Kilts rule.

Now then, how come no one has commented on the Dick Weed Express?

Big Mark 243 said...

Oh, I miss the Fair!! I will have to ask (read: CO-friggin-ERCE) someone to take me to the fair in Lincoln...

I wonder if the Big Cow is related to the atomic Surfin' Cow..? Jus' askin'...

Anonymous said...

WV is making me apeshit. Twice went to post a comment, if you don't solve the ridiculous WV it kicks you over to a Google bogs homepage. WV isn't resetting to a second chance to decipher the puzzle.

Erin, please disable WV or adjust so people who aren't psychic can figure out these ridiculous fucking glyphs.

MR-thanks for letting me vent.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm sure the fair misses you too, Mark. Hope you find a way to go.

MR, I wish I could, but there are no controls. It's just off or on and when I had it off, I got inundated with spam and then there was a hack through the sidebar comment widget that directed peeps to crazy sites instead of the Owner's Manual.

So sorry, but WV stays for now.