Sunday, August 23, 2015

Add a pinch of free market to Citizens United and you get: TRUMP

Financial windfall, O'Brien style

Dear readership, these musings have been written quickly whilst a development news assignment waits, the laundry tumbles, the beef roasts and the Goat golfs, so just stick with me on this.

Given: Americans really hate corruption.

Corruption has been going on in politics for a long time. In January of 2010, however, the Supreme Court of the United States removed any fig leaf hiding it by essentially codifying corruption with the Citizens United decision.

Enter: Donald Trump.

Pundits have much to say about the popularity welling around him. They call him an outsider. They claim he's tapped into a certain spittle-flecked-red-faced rightie anger.

yeah, yeah

The primary reason people are rallying around Trump is his money. They believe it makes him immune to the siren songs of the lobbyists and deep-pocketed special interests. They believe it frees him from fundraising.

His supporters don't care what he says. And to be fair, why should they? Nothing politicians say matters. It's all tribal.

So Trump has money and he's a tribe member (well, sort of). Add a healthy dose of bigotry and misogyny and voila! You're in rightie heaven.

Conversely, the lefties love Sanders because he's a socialist. Sanders cares more about people than money-- a LOT more. Therefore his supporters believe he cannot be bought by the big money hurting all the little people. Add income equality, reproductive rights and a living wage and libs inflate with pure joy.

All of this is causing a real problem for establishment candidates because they are (of course) bought and paid for by lobbyists and special interests.

Aside: Could 2016 be Kasich/Biden? hm ... dunno

As for me, I'll take the socialist over the narcissist (I'm pretty sure you could buy Trump for one thin dime if he was broke while Sanders has sung the same tune for 30 years), but make no mistake: When the courts stand above the American people and announce that corruption is the law of the land, John Q. Public will gravitate to those they believe will eschew it. Trump and Sanders are the perfect candidates: one doesn't need money, the other doesn't want it.

There is something delicious in this.

For once, beads of sweat are forming on big money's upper lip, although I'm certain it will find a way to snuff out Those Who Will Not Be Bough. Until then, the lobbyists can pull at their collars and clear their throats while the rest of us enjoy some free market politics.

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Bill said...

Bernie cares more about people than money. And, of course, comrade, he needs other peoples money to prove it.

Erin O'Brien said...

Now now, Bill, don't get your boxers in a bunch. You guys have won! The right has destroyed the middle class and convinced a large chunk of Americans to vote against their own interests. The rich (aka ruling class) will continue to get richer and the rest of us will finance that inevitability.


Dick Cheney said...

There's an American sized hole in your analysis Erin - the real reason why Patriotic Citizens are flocking to the Trump banner is because he is actually kinda dreamy when you get up close.

Yes folks, it turns out that the camera doesn't do our Entrepreneurs justice. In person he's a very attractive man.

That being said - our Jeb is a handsome son of gun as well.

Anonymous said...

Bread and Circuses O'Brien. Pass the popcorn.


Joe said...

Big money ownes Congress so it matters not at all if we elect the socialist or the Trump buffoon. it looks like another "none of the above" election, Let us just hope neither a Bush nor a Clinton is on the ballot.

Anonymous said...

I showed a close-up photograph of Donald Trump to a veterinarian of my acquaintance. She looked at it for a couple of seconds and rendered her diagnosis: "Tsk-tsk, I'm afraid your pig has severe hæmorrhoids; and the roadkill on top is not helping the situation."
«Senex Ægypti Parvi»

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump reminded me of a literary character, but for the life of me I could not remember which one. It has finally come back to mind: Trump's verbal gaffes, his steadfast refusal to own up to them, and his constant attempts to transfer the responsibility for them to his adversary du jour, remind me of no one so much as Herman Wouk's character from "The Caine Mutiny," Philip Queeg. All that is lacking are the ball bearings.
«Senex Ægypti Parvi»