Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Phone cam round-up

Perhaps in response to Cleveland's ongoing and unprecedented growth, your humble hostess has been hella busy, but presents the readership with an apology for her prolonged absence and this paltry offering. For more frequent updates, she encourages persons to "friend" her on (Evil Overlord) Facebook, although she detests using the noun friend as a verb. She also tweets as evidenced in the sidebar, but with less joie de vivre than she updates her (Evil Overlord) Facebook page.

Photo included based on artistic merit of composition and color

Mystifying advertising assertion

Oddly pornographic wardrobe assertion

Evidence of party to which humble hostess was not invited

Look what they've done to my song, Ma

Actual road pizza

Photo for which there is no caption

Unfortunately named confection

Note: The pink shoes featured in this post are no longer in the possession of humble hostess. After just over 100 miles, the soles of said shoes had worn through to the secondary foam. They have been returned to Skechers and HH awaits a proper alternative replacement.

Lastly, a photo showcasing the Goat's parking skill. When the Goat parks like this, HH says, "So, Starsky, you gonna do a body roll over the hood?"


The Goat assures the readership that he only employs this alternative parking method when the lot is no where near capacity. Nonetheless, HH remains skeptical.



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