Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Piece by piece

Silver Dollar, die cut DC502FP

There is an actual website that a person (a regular person's person) can visit any time they want that features a vast array of information regarding pre-1973 Springbok Puzzles.

We are talking wall-to-wall vintage Springbok, people.

We're talking which die cut was used to manufacture which puzzles, how many pieces the die cut produced, how many puzzles were made with the die cut, what year each Springbok was manufactured, what sorts of inserts came with the puzzles, notes on the puzzle boxes, information about puzzle backings, the history of the logo and even the inside story on Springbok's little known wood puzzles.

Puzzle repair

And--if you can believe it--there are tons more than that.


Just dig the sort of pure puzzle gold a person (a regular person's person) gets over there:

A given puzzle was often manufactured with a variety of different cuts.

The daring publication of a Jackson Pollack painting, Convergence, as a puzzle caused a sensation in 1964 Christmas gift markets.

A "Fused Cut" occurs when a small piece of a die breaks. This results in a "Fused Piece" (2 puzzle pieces "fused" into 1).

I swear life is beautiful.

Research pending

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