Saturday, July 25, 2015

You don't see this coming

Goat and new friends

So you're ambling around downtown Bedford, Ohio, and you are intrigued by a shop called Kulis Freeze Dry and so you step in.

Who expects to be greeted by a rhinoceros? No one, that's who. Yet there you are beside a full size stuffed rhino that was killed by a bow and arrow in the mid 70's during the last legal hunt of the animal.


The charming proprietor entertains your curious questions (when was the shop established? 1967. Is it still owned by the Kulis family? No, Mr. Kulis did not have any children. Do you get a lot of pets? I won't do pets anymore. That dog gave you all he's got to give).

The giant alligator frozen in an open-mouthed snarl in the back of the shop, incidentally, came up from Florida.

"That's as close as I need to get to the likes of him," you say.

Later, you will wish you had asked about the process, the training, the regulation and the emotions that go along with this business and how the hell did they get that rhino over here from Africa all those years ago? but alas, there are too many other things on your mind, so you say your thankyous and step back out into the world.

Passing by the rhino on your way out, however, you feel the  unmistakeable tug of the animal's lingering energy and the fleeting concept of a graveyard washes over you.

yeah, yeah

You pass a tattoo shop. Your stomach growls with hunger. You squint your eyes against the late afternoon sun.

You walk towards infinity.

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

Hiya Mz E...

Next time you're in Bedford with a growling tummy walk south on Broadway a couple hundred yards to Sirna's. GREAT tavern food and nice people. Introduce yourself to Leo.

-Department of ' Krazy But True,' there was for many years another taxidermist in Bedford. In the SAME BLOCK as Kulis. I suppose it was the same phenomena as all those mattress vendors parking it outside the Original Mattress Factory and gleaning crumbs.


Anonymous said...

If you walk toward infinity in Ohio you're at risk of getting pepper sprayed.


Anonymous said...

Please tag the Goat, I am confused.

Just kidding


Erin O'Brien said...

You know, MR, Bedford is holding it's own. We did stop for coffee, but next time we'll dip into Sirna's. As for getting pepper sprayed, RJ, I don't think that infinite risk is limited to Ohio's borders.

You know how I felt in that place? Sort of like I felt once in a wax museum when I got separated from the group and was alone amid the statues of a bunch of dignitaries. It's very weird, but the presence of such realistic likenesses is unmistakeable. The Rhino felt like that. The heads to a lesser extent.

The woman who ran the place, incidentally, struck me as someone who loved animals. There was a dog loping around the shop.

Anonymous said...


Not an hour's hike from that shop is one of the most spectacular parks sites in the entire area, the old stone railroad trestle. When I first saw it as a kid it felt like sneaking into a cathedral via the back door.


Erin O'Brien said...

That park is why we were in Bedford. Stay tuned.

Dick Cheney said...

Well I'll be a son of a...! I ain't seen that big fella in years!

I don't wish to be the bearer of bad news but that proprietor misled you - I took that sucker down with nothing but my bare hands and my love for America.

(Rhinos are Democrats)