Thursday, June 12, 2014

The eyes of justice

Welp, your humble hostess is composing this post from the Cuyahoga County Justice Center where she is dutifully holed up in the jury pool awaiting to be called down to serve.

Yes, I've already been booted off one jury.

I am writing this post on my iPad. This is my first try at such a venture, so if the graphics are botched, cut me a little slack, would ya?

There you have a shot of the puzzle collection down here at ol' jury central. I was impressed that it included a Salvador Dali puzzle, I have not worked said puzzle, but a sticker on it says:

Please note here if Pieces ARE MISSING: ________ (handwritten).

That would indicate to me that the puzzle is missing no pieces, but I'm thinking there's a gamble in there just the same.

I wonder if anyone ever tried to smuggle a puzzle out of here. And NO, I am NOT planning to smuggle a puzzle. I was actually thinking of donating one, so there.

Here's another picture just for the hell of it:

Dig the craftsmanship on the Standard Building--that's glazed terra cotta. Hell yeah.

Now (of course) I'm thinking I should work this Dali puzzle, despite my frustration over the fact that the title of the work is not listed on the box. Who manufactures a Dali puzzle and doesn't include the title of the work on the box? Dunno, but there you go.

Okay, readership. This post is done. Perhaps there is more to come depending on the luck of the draw and the battery life of this here device.

Love, Erin

*  *  *


Anonymous said...

Hmm. Dali.

One would think that Dali's contemplations on the fluid nature of time would be unpopular with almost everyone who has business at the Justice Center.


Jon Moore said...

On the contrary, MR.

Erin O'Brien said...

Howdy, gents!