Saturday, June 14, 2014

Phone cam round-up special edition: Justice is not blind

"Report to the fourth floor of the Cuyahoga County Justice Center at 8 a.m. for jury duty."

 June 11 'tis the day and it's finally upon me. Up and at 'em early.

Take a selfie on the 135 line? Sure, why not?

Bus driver drives, the O'Brien dinks around on her iPad. Veedubs is safely cuddled up at home away from all these pot holes. No fender benders. No crowded parking lots, no door dings. Why drive downtown if you don't have to? Dunno.

Good morning, Cleveland.

Hm. Puzzle prospects in the jury staging area are pretty dodgy. Good thing we've got free Internet.

WHAT? Picked and kicked for a criminal case right off the bat ... huh.

Who cares? Lunch and time for a walk about. Found this golden boy in the mezzanine of the Standard Building at a tiny museum curated by the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen (BLET).

All you nines, go over there.

More friends at the BLET museum.

Cop, Adult Mart and Gillespie Building all in one frame? Priceless.

Memorial ribbons, BLET museum.

I did save money, dude. Took the bus down here.

As far as I got on the Salvador Dali puzzle before they sprung us early. Aw hell, the 135 is a rush hour line and doesn't come for another two hours.

Could goof off downtown for a spell or take the 77F, but that'd be an awful long walk home from the Brecksville stop. What to do?

I've got an idea.

Lil' OB waiting for me with the Mini Cooper at satellite bus stop. My hero!

 * * *


Anonymous said...

Hiya Mz E-

Thanks. I had no idea that museum down there-I'll look forward to that one. Lots of Pennsy men in the family.

Thanks for the Standard Building love-the work on the front is gorgeous.

And thanks to the Proprietor for another WTGG* day here in NE Ohio. They've been plentiful the last month or so.


*-'Way To Go, God' days. A lot of out of towners still wonder why we choose to live in an area known for hostile winter weather conditions, but we have a counterweight to the negativity-the WTGG Day. A day like today, when the sky is so perfectly, so heartbreakingly, so breathtakingly azure that indigo and cyan weep impotently in envy. 70-ish degrees, and a consistently pleasant, perfectly calibrated, dedicated-to-the-success-of-the-enterprise breeze to tie it all together.

One of these days erases a hundred 'wet snow tonight, freezing rain after midnight' weather forecasts.


philbilly said...

Gotta check this museum out, never knew it was there even though I dig the building.

There's another unknown museum downtown, in the police side of the Justice Center. Cleveland Police Museum, very interesting, very, very grim, probably not a place for the kiddies. Afterward you can take a river tour on the Goodtime and see where Kingsbury Run emptied into the Cuyahoga, scene of the torso murders. Elliot Ness grew impatient and finally torched the shanty town that provided victims. There is a copy(original?) of at least one of the postcards sent from a mental hospital taunting Ness. Creepy. I worked with a guy who claimed to have been in a group of kids who found body parts while fishing. Creepier.

Erin O'Brien said...

I have to be honest, gents. Your humble hostess has a loving eye for this town and all things in it. The little BLET museum is a humble affair indeed, but I enjoyed it just the same. Viewing the entire "History of United States Locomotives" mural was worth the effort on it's own.

The space was locked up. I just asked the woman at the reception desk if I could peruse it and she said okay and let me in.

More info and cool images here.