Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Phone cam round-up


Big lady, big drink, red car, ice machine.

Four new toilets going in.

One old toilet going out.

When truth meets cute animal picture.

Goat and friend.

Okay, I get the "Complaint Dept." joke; and the "Kid's Book Buyout" is obvious enough, but "Confusion is our most important product"? Nope, don't get it, Ollie's. Don't get it at all.

No thanks. I just had some goat.

Buddy, "Tanfastik" would only work if your product was craptastic, which it is not. Fake tans are dumb. And your sign is not just kind of dumb, but really dumb on account of a zillion other tan places that call themselves "Tanfastik."

Open a bagel bar instead. You can call it "Holey Bread!"

The official entrance to the Twilight Zone.

... gimme french fry ... gimme french fry right now ... gimme gimme gimme ...

Dear visionyoga.net Marketing Dept: What it lacks in permanence, it makes up for in thrift.

I like it. I like it a lot.

* * *


Kirk said...

You have to explain that rabbit picture. Not the joke, but how it came together. Did you yourself superimpose the words "I eat my own turds" on it? If so, why not just use it a caption instead?

If you didn't superimpose the words, who did? Or did you just see a rabbit hopping around with words written on it?

Anonymous said...

FYI, the rabbit eats its own turds for the same reason my guinea pigs do-their bodies are very inefficient at absorbing certain vitamins and nutrients, and so the little nuggets serve as re-uptake opportunities. Anybody grossed out by this please keep in mind that the turds, aside from the trace things the wee beasties need, are pretty much just grass and water.

About the 'confusion' sign: I choose to believe that that merchant is an Eastern Religions book seller...and the misspelled sign refers to their wonderful profit margin on the works of Confucius.

Yeah. I'm going to believe that for a while.