Thursday, October 04, 2012

Go go MOCA

Cleveland's new Museum of Contemporary Art will host its grand opening this weekend with a number of private events. MOCA officially opens to the public on Monday, Oct. 8 with special free admission. Until then, your humble hostess respectfully submits the following sneak preview.

Before you step inside, notice MOCA's selfless introduction. The building draws attention to itself by reflecting everything that surrounds it.

Cross the plenum between out there and in here to discover a world filled with colors and lines and soaring spaces.

There are little things ...

... and big things.

There are square things ....

... and a yellow, yellow, yellow passageway.

Don't worry; everything familiar is still close. You're just looking at it through new frames.

The English and Swiss are here, but only in places you're not supposed to look.

Some doors will mystify you.

Others are more predictable.

Yet another will invite you to enter a magical place where three paintings change but do not move. (You'll have to discover these on your own. Hint: you have to move.)

Cherries bleed ...

 ... while a staircase like no other winds around it all.

Good luck this weekend, MOCA. You look beautiful.

*  *  *


Joe said...

It appears the floors are uneven, yet a cool place nontheless.

Erin O'Brien said...

Actually, the floors were fine. I think the (ahem) photographer was uneven.

Anonymous said...

Another great post, Erin! Thanks for the support. ~Sarah, MOCA Cleveland

Anonymous said...

Designed by Iranian native Farshid Moussavi who lives in London and teaches parttime at Harvard. Obviously another liberal monument encouraging the Islamization of America. WAKE UP CLEVELAND! SHARIA LAW IS COMING!

Rev. Randy Johnson
United States of America Church of The One TRue God.