Friday, January 13, 2012

A tumblresque post

All original O'Brien eye-candy, unrelated and tossed like a salad for your Friday lunch. Click on any to enlarge. Enjoy.


shanbone said...

Great pics Erin! Kind of tickle my mind they do! Esp. the anticipation the hydro pic creates.

John Venlet said...

Erin, my favorites were the bucket photo, because it looks like it could be a huge homebrew operation, and the self evident "To Telescope" photo. It was a good lunch.

twinkly sparkles said...

Banana French Chew: Why?

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks for dropping by and commenting, ShanB.

John, I was at one of those "brew it yourself" places and started snooping around with my cam. I thought the buckets looked like a weird discovery in a sci-fi horror film. Guess not, though, since the beer turned out great.

Twinks: no one knows, my inquisitive one. No one knows.

Big Mark 243 said...

If I had to guess, I would say the photographer had a ball with the shoot!

Ashton King said...

I love the puzzle and the open drawers!

I love taking random pictures things. Unfortunately, my fiance usually walks off and leaves me while I'm doing so.

DogsDontPurr said...

Now, to me, this is what real photography is all about. No offense to anyone, but those people who spend hours photoshopping and "processing" and trying to get one little thing in focus with the background just the right amount of blurry....I feel like THEY have lost their focus sometimes. Just take a freaking goddam picture! Learn how to look at things and snap it! Don't start taking pictures and think...oh, I can fix it later in photoshop.

Sorry, but this is a pet peeve of mine.

You, Erin, do it the right my opinion. You shoot what you see. It's the real deal. You look at the picture you want to take and take the actual picture. I love that!

WV: redota
"There's no reason to redota these pictures!"

Erin O'Brien said...

Mark, you're right. These pix span a few years and represent so many fun events.

Ashton, on one hand, my poor kid gets so impatient with me. On the other, she loves going to all these weird places.

DDP, Thanks. You make me feel better about my woeful skills. And 'tis true, I do not have photoshop. The most I ever do is crop or straighten.

That said, my photo posts take longer to produce than they should.

I love the carnival breakdown pic even though it's shown too small. You can almost smell the diesel fumes edging out the waft from the popcorn cart. Damn.

Anonymous said...

Is the carny picture at Berea?

Oh to live on, Sugar Mountain

With the barkers and the colored balloons

You can't be twenty

On Sugar Mountain...

Though you're leaving there..

You're leaving there too soon...

Erin O'Brien said...

Broadview Heights, MR and MAN, I need to buy that song! Haven't heard it in who knows how long.

The Twisted Tine said...

I spy a lil' brewing going on. That's taking it to the extremes, and I want in on it. Mmmm.