Thursday, January 12, 2012

We're not grey people, we're not dirty, we're not mean

Where do you begin?

I guess the I'll start with the shirt. I want the shirt.

As for the mutton chops and sideburns, is it just me or do they look absolutely sexual? They look like pubic hair on Ray Dorset's face. Maybe that's the point. No matter. The important take-away is that I miss sideburns and mutton chops.

Dig Dorset's odd unfocused look--the way his eyes dart around the room. Dig his teeth.

Dig the way they go uh uh uh. Dig the close up on the foot stomping for chrissake!

I'm not going to tell you what happens at the 2:06 mark. You'll have to watch and find out for yourself.

Before anyone asks: yes, I have this classic on my iPod. I love this song and have loved it ever since I can remember.

It makes me happy.

* * *


Anonymous said...

I feel happy when I hear that song too. The drug counselors call it "euphoric recall." BTW, Is that Al on bass?


B.E. Earl said...

Great song. Great facial hair. Great jug band.

Sidenote: Looking up Mungo Jerry a while back, I came across a former pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers named Van Lingle Mungo. My most favortist name ever. He was once caught with a married woman by her husband while in Cuba, and the man attacked Mungo with butcher's knife. Mungo had to be smuggled out of the country in a laundry bin. A dude named Dave Frishberg wrote a novelty song titled "Van Lingle Mungo" in the late 1960's. It's cool as shit!

J9 said...

This song can pull me out of a funk like no other! It totally brings me back to the end of summers from my childhood, just lying in the shade with a warm breeze blowing on a hot day across tanned and sweaty bodies drinking Lucky Lager and swimming.

JBlank said...

You forgot to mention that the bass player has some fine moves!

Anonymous said...

-Great share...I think many younger people have no idea what it was like to have radio stations that played at least a little of everything...Now it's so balkanized that there IS no pop sound. To paraphrase Steve Howe of Yes, "Bravo the Seventies" wasn't all that bad...

wv: 'dringed'-the lack of a central unifying philosophy left many people 'dringed'...absolutely mad...