Saturday, July 16, 2011

Making beautiful music together

Think symphonic musicians have their noses in the air? Think again. Your humble hostess authored this news bit on the Cleveland Orchestra that proves the most refined among us are, well, just like us. The article is centered around a media event last Sunday that featured a concert, a meet-the-musicians Q&A, and information on their upcoming schedule.

The Orchestra folks gave us fancy snacks and vino! That's my buddy Mike Gill lurking behind the goods.

Dig the eerie underground backstage area of Blossom Music Center ...

... and some blossoms at Blossom before the show:

Violinist Leila Josefowicz joined the group during intermission. She was radiant even though she had just played an incredible John Adams concerto for 30 minutes straight. The evening air was warm humid (for reference, your humble hostess wasn't doing anything and was sweating like an oink).

Not only was she dealing with the heat, Josefowicz was the featured performer so she was right up front with the conductor. She played the intense and complex piece from memory in a beautiful long dress and HIGH HEELS.

Are you kidding me?

Insider note: There were tiny bruises on Josefowicz's neck from where she so brilliantly punished her violin.

People, that is what you call hard-core. HELL YEAH!

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Tony Rugare said...

Cleveland laments the lack of champion sports teams. The Cleveland Orchestra has been a perennial champion.

Bill said...

There's something really sexy about a woman playing a stringed instrument. It helps, though, if she's sexy without the intrument.

John Venlet said...

...where she so brilliantly punished her violin.

Great turn of a phrase, Erin.

alphadog said...

I would say that this image certainly lends credence to your statement Bill.

After having read a bit about Leila Josefowicz, you were very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet her Erin. What an incredible talent.
And to parrot Tony, what an incredible talent is the Cleveland Orchestra year in and year out.

alphadog said...

And I should have mentioned,thank you George Szell for having made the Cleveland Orchestra what it is.

Bill said...

Very nice pic Alph. I've been looking at it for a while. Now I feel like smoking a cigarette.

Anonymous said...

So a guy walks into a bar with a tiny piano and a ten-inch pianist...oh, wait, can't tell that one here...
Krusty the Klown