Monday, July 18, 2011

Christmas in July

Between the heat wave and the infuriating debt ceiling fiasco, I couldn't take it anymore, so the Goat and I (Lil' OB is at camp) piled in the car and headed over to Geneva on the Lake to schlep around, have a couple of beers and one of those kick-ass burgers from Eddie's (worthy of an entry on its own: a two-fisted salty, greasy, cheesy bestowal straight from heaven).

On Route 534, I spied a sign for Catherine's Christmas, which piqued my interest for reasons I'll keep to myself, but make no mistake: it is NOT because I'm one of those loves-christmas-all-the-time-and-starts-decorating-in-september chicks. The readership can stand down. Your regular anti-craft, anti-cute, anti-etc. Erin has not left the building. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who cares? Catherine's rocked my face off!

Hey man, you look familiar ...

Dumb reindeer.

Shiny sparkly things.

The Goat was sort of like an olive in a punch bowl.

Look at these happy little bastards.

Why is it that candy canes always look better than they taste? Dunno.

More stuff upstairs ...

My kind of fat cats.

All that glitters is at Catherine's.

Jeez. Now we know how he keeps Rudolph & Co. in line.

Bye Christmas people and thanks for the break. See you next time!

* * *


Meagan said...

Am I the only person in the world who likes candy canes? I like the flavor AND the fact that they last longer than most candies. Plus, they can be made into a weapon should you need to defend yourself or your Christmas hoard.

Keep all the crappy fruit flavored candy canes away from me though... such a disappointment.

Bill said...

Good point about the weapon, Meagan. The candy cane shiv is very popular at San Quintin, I've heard.

Ken Houghton said...

"headed over to Geneva on the Lake"

That should be "on the Lake Geneva shoreline," of course.

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to taste Candye Kane, on the other hand...
Mike R

Harry Finch said...

That is some Goat accompanying you in a place like that. There would have been some serious family discord if my wife had dragged me in.

Leslie Morgan said...

A reformed Christmas Nazi, I now celebrate the winter solstice with an overarching sentiment of "peace on earth, goodwill to all beings". Nothing, however, could stop me from putting on my sunglasses and exploring an emporium such as Catherine's. For you see, I am fascinated even by the awful. Friday my friend and I visited a thrift store where we saw a ceramic, shiny bright red Christmas ball about the size of a small pumpkin. Man, we could not leave that thing alone. I suggested earrings, if only we could find a match for it.

WV - blesset: Indeed!

Kirk said...

That's one Santa (second picture down) that you're gonna have to leave out a lot of cookies for.


Ms Amanda said...

I adore Christmas. I do not adore year round Christmas shops. They smell desperate.