Thursday, June 02, 2011

Sing it out loud gonna get back honey or: Songs that I bought because I liked the commercial

1. The Golden Age by The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Heineken probably became uncool while I wasn't looking. If it did, this ad makes Heineken cool again.

This ad recools Heineken.

2. Trouble by Ray LaMontagne: Dog ads are dumb. Dog ads for insurance are ├╝ber-dumb. That I perked up every time this dog commercial aired in order to listen to the music is embarrassing, but there you go.

The song became 100 times better after I bought it and said bow-wow to the silly ad.

3. Light of the Morning by Band of Skulls: Although I have never wanted a Mustang--even a vintage Mustang, this ad makes me empathize with those who want one to the point of obsession.

4. Petula Clark's A Sign of the Times: Since I already had a CD copy of Clark's 1966 top-40 hit prior to the debut of this Target commercial, this one doesn't really count but it deserves a mention just the same.

If anyone from Madison Avenue has their ears on out there, here's a professional note: despite being a big fan of your efforts mentioned herein, I did not buy Traveler's Insurance or a Mustang. I did go to Target and will probably have another Heineken before I croak, although neither of those activities can be wholly attributed to the associated ads. Obviously enough, iTunes (my online source for these music purchases) garnered the lion's share of my disposable income relative to this round up, so I might as well 'fess up with this last one.

5. Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet: I cannot remember if I bought my iPod before I bought the song or vice versa. Either way Steve Jobs got me to pony up for both.

I guess I am gonna be his girl.

* * *

Confidential note to diehard Owner's Manual followers: Yes, I did purchase Under My Sensi by Boozoo Bajou, after posting this provocative footage.

* * *


Cleveland Bob said...

Ha! I already had an iPod before that Jet song came out, but I definitely bought that album after hearing that tune. JET rocks.

We saw JET a couple of years ago. They were wee tiny little dudes. They were so cute that the wife wanted to scoop 'em up and take them home in her handbag.

Love that doggie in the insurance ad as well.

Contrary Guy said...

Skunky beer is always out of fashion. I like the tune tho.

Bill said...

How about companies I wouldn't deal with because of their spokesperson? Like: MCI/Danny Glover

Anonymous said...

Heineken is the best of the best of the big euros, and has always been cool.
Freddy Heineken was a very cool guy, and he was WAY ahead of his time, RIP.
Check out his 1960s upcycling project with square bottles


Anonymous said...

"How about companies I wouldn't deal with because of their spokesperson? Like: MCI/Danny Glover"- Bill

Yep. Once Bernie Ebbers went to prison and MCI moved from Clinton, Mississipi it just went to the darkies...ahem...I mean the dogs.


Bill said...

RJ, the racial reference is over my head. It obviously can't be as obvious at it appears. That would be stupid.

Anonymous said...

That's what Trent Lott said.


Bill said...

R ace baiting J ackass.

Anonymous said...

Good to see you take responsibility Bill.


emmapeelDallas said...

I loved VW using Nick Drake's Pink Moon for their cabrio commercials...and I did eventually buy (and love) a VW cabrio, but I was in love with those cars before the ad with the Nick Drake soundtrack...