Thursday, May 05, 2011

This is the return of I dread her slipping down

Would you dig the güiro at 3:53? I mean please.

Other fave moments: 1:22, 4:30 4:57 and 5:41, but baby, this is all good.

For those who are wondering, the soundtrack is "Under My Sensi" by Boozoo Bajou.

People, this is why we have the internet.

* * *


The Writer Currently Known as Rory said...

Masturbation made better.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

Would love one of those authentic Bunny Costumes.

Come link up for Friday Shoegasm.

danb said...

I loved every second of this.

Thanks for making me horny.


Leslie Morgan said...

You know, I may be well suited to a second career as a bunny, but I worry so about things. I'd request a turtleneck costume, just to make sure I didn't lose anything from the very precarious-looking standard issue. And I do wonder about that puffy little tail if I ever got a break and had a chance to sit down for a moment.

Home dude at the end may have better boobs than some, but that face, hair and shoulders! I guess he'd be the sort of comopanion for the man who would walk a mile for a Camel, eh?

Anonymous said...

Good morning to all in EOBland, the theme park for nearly everyone.
Considering the considerable design and engineering prowess that went into the Bunny costume, it seems to me that virtually none of these women's bottoms are displayed in a flattering light-your thoughts? I mean, how is it possible for those asses to look frumpy in those heels?
Leslie, thanks for confirming my suspicions about the last model. My bifocals are in the shop, but frankly the last time I saw a mouth like that it had a hook in it. Mike R "imente"

Leslie Morgan said...

Hmm ~ typed a comment and lost it - always bad juju.

@ Mike ~ Oh, yeah, friend, I know a man when I see one, no matter at what stage of reconstruction.

And you're also right about the bunny costume. Cleverly executed as it might be, one's rear can be put to better perspective simply with the right pair of jeans. And one doesn't have to wear the powder puff on his or her ass.

kamper said...

Ah, the birth of furry culture.

Bill said...

I love EOBLand! I spend a lot of time here and am crazy about E's writing skills and some of the comments also make me crazy. But this post, is EO Bland.

Erin O'Brien said...

I went to a 1980s party a couple of years ago and wore a nametag with the iconic Playboy bunny and "Miss December 1986."

A few people asked me if I really was Miss December 1986.

Lass and Leslie: the three of us would make some fine-ass bunnies, but I'd need to do some modification. A LOT of modification. For starters I'd need the whole thing to be stretchy. I like the turtleneck idea, but why stop there? Mine's going all the way down as well, with feet.

As for Mr. Bill, I thought this was as fine a YouTube as I've ever seen. Kiss my ass and thank you for your continued support.

I'm off to light the drinking lamp.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm not convinced that's a homedude at the end.

Contrary Guy said...


Contrary Guy said...

OK, I can't leave with just BILFs.

I snuck a peek in one of these places, the Cinci Playboy Club, when I was a teen. Was in the same building for something else, saw the rabbit head on the elevator button, and pushed it.

The door opened to an empty club (it was 2 in the afternoon), dark, reddish steakhouse lights, kinda of a bar-and-stage look like most strip clubs today. It smelled of ashtray. I let the door close and said, 'mm kay.'

p.s. the Captcha phrase for this post is 'labic'. Is that the adjective form of labia? Captcha knows this thread is up to no good ;0

Leslie Morgan said...

EOB, I'd happily bunny with you and Lass, as long as you didn't refer to me as Granny Bunny in front of the customers. My stems are OK, I'd wear the short suit. I'm more concerned about the top since I lack . . never mind.

If that is not a home dude at the end, then I beg her pardon and I will light a candle for her. I will also never again bitch about the way I look.

DogsDontPurr said...

I looove the "vibe" of this video. Such a fabulous mix of class and decadence.

I wonder if in 40 years or so, people will look back as fondly on videos of the Hooter's Girls? Ha!

Joe said...

As a young innocent 18 year old back in the dinosaur days of 1980 a bunch of us went north to Wisconsin and the Playbly Club. One of the guys had his Dad's Gold Key(?) that got us into the inner bar. It was way cool and the girls were all beautiful. It was fun, but a beer was $5.00 (remember this was 1980)! After an hour or so we went down the road and drank at a local bar until we were throw up stupid.

Those bunnies...

Anonymous said...

The soundtrack makes it.

The gals at the office were all giggles yesterday having been out to see a Chippendales Show the evening before.
I suspect E'O, Leslie and Lass could still do a pretty good bunny but I fear at 57 my shot at erotic dancer stardom is behind me. (no pun intended...)


Leslie Morgan said...

@ RJ ~ Choking on my morning coffee! Don't worry about performance, my friend. The bunnies are just workin'. They don't even care. (P.S., I'm older than you are. It's all relative.)

WV-crygin. Don't be crygin about old age, RJ. I've got some time on you.