Saturday, October 23, 2010

This shirt'll be great to drive in

The whites are whiter. The blacks are blacker.

Lucky, lucky Fran.

But what did they do in between the wash and the rinse cycle, baby?


Bill said...

I like the Bold commercial where Meg Whitman's maid is doing the wash and she has no accent. Those were the days of total emmersion.

Louis said...

The Downy commercial brings back memories, Erin. During the summer of '61, after my freshman year at Miami University, I worked for Procter & Gamble's field advertising department, distributing samples of Downy door-to-door in various cities around Pittsburgh. It was an interesting gig, as I got to do some traveling with a crew of other guys, most of whom were college kids. One was a fellow Miamian. The pay wasn't too good--$1.25 per hour, so we stayed in places that were the antithesis of The Four Seasons--YMCAs and cheap hotels and motels. I did that work for P&G all three summers between college years, working in cities varying from Providence, RI to Chicago to Greensburg, PA, and from Toledo to Cincinnati. In Providence a homemaker asked us where we were from and when I said, "Ohio," she said, "Oh, from out west."
My work crews those summers included some interesting people, one of whom went on to win a Pulitzer prize in photography when he worked for a newspaper in Chattanooga, TN.

Lou Pumphrey

Dan said...

Yes, I guess at some point in my white, first-ring suburban-style upbringing, I guess I did picture my mom happily dropping in at home in her socializing clothes to check on our charming and talented black woman housekeeper.

Secretly, she was the one who would teach me to sing and dance and embrace life to the fullest. I would stand firm and demand that she would be there at the big assembly at the school where I was to sing the school song so beautifully, despite the unwritten color ban that still existed at the exclusive school.

Just no ticket available for her, they told me. Sold out, they smiled.

But I knew better.

But I made them let her in. And when I sang, she cried. I cried...

Oops, sorry Erin. Got carried away there.

Vince said...

Are you lot about to elect a guy that dresses up as a Waffen SS solder.

Erin O'Brien said...

This is an interesting comment thread to say the least. Thanks for posting such a mixed bag.

And Vince, I have no idea how Rich Iott is doing in the polls.

Bill said...

I can see the housewife, in the Norge commercial, starting up that Norge and sitting on it, after that repairman takes off. There's more than one type of marital aid.