Saturday, October 17, 2009

Matters of great import

My novel Harvey & Eck will go out of print at the end of 2009. Please purchase several hundred copies before it's too late. More info here.

Erin O'Brien has something in common with Joan Blondell.

This post is visited more often than any other on my blog, which as of 12:33 p.m. EST on Oct. 17, 2009, has garnered 472, 406 hits.

I had a cottage cheese/green bean/fried salami sandwich for lunch.

That is all.


Bridget Callahan said...

Why the sudden fascination with factoids?

Erin O'Brien said...

Just mixin' it up.

Kirk Jusko said...

Joan and Erin, you may stand up now.

dean said...

That sandwich sounds wicked. It needs a name.

Erin O'Brien said...

I'm standing, Kirk. Dunno if Joanie's holding up her end of the bargain. No idea what Christine Keeler is up to these days.

Dean, that sandwich rocked my face off. I am a good sandwich-maker person.