Friday, March 27, 2009

Links for lads and lassies

Greetings to all the lads and lassies from Lakeland Community College and Ursuline College who so graciously attended this weekend's programs. Congratulations to the Sigma Tau Delta Inductees at Ursuline and many thanks to the Western Reserve Spring Writer's Conference attendees at Lakeland.

As promised, here's links to all those essays I talked about:

From my Friday evening talk at Ursuline:

--Behold the miracle of corn chowder.

--What it's really like to sit in a bar at 5 a.m.

--When lawnmowers and Christmas lights converge.

--What my Mini Cooper, a floppy hat and Frosty the snowman have in common.

--And the "No Whining in Cleveland" column Fred Wright read from at the event along with an associated blog entry.

And from the "Turning Nonfiction into Creative Art" Saturday session at Lakeland:

--Musings on the Ohio Canal and an associated blog post.

--How about a naughty Barbie and some Big Girl Shoes?

--My love affair with the Cleveland Thinker, courtesy of Auguste Rodin.

Email me at eobnow[AT]yahoo[DOT]com if I've missed something. If anyone else out there is interested in having me as a speaker, there's information on that here.

Best of luck, best of words and best of life to everyone!


Ken Houghton said...

Why is there a picture of Mary McDonell from her BSG days on this page?

dogsdontpurr said...

You look sooo hot in the photo for this post. How do you get such fabulous hair?!

As always, if my door swung the other'd be in the top 10!

Kirk Jusko said...

That is one hot picture. You might just set those books behind you on fire.

Tim O'Regan said...

I concur. Hot!!

The Fool said...

Thank you for the links to the essays. I'm intrigued by the array of topics on your link list...this should be fun. It should make for some fun reading over the weekend. By the way, we have quite a big conference locally...The Kachemak Bay Writer's Conference. Anne Lamott was the keynote last year. Perhaps we can get you on the agenda? Wouldn't that be fun...

Congrats, Erin.

philbilly said...

Apologies to the Algonquin Club and Dorothy Parker;

Men who seldom make passes,
at girls who wear glasses,
Don't know what they're missing,
or realize they're asses.

Zen Wizard said...

Will this be on the midterm?

Larry said...

Thanks for the essay links!!! You did a great job....the underwear exposee is STILL a hoot!


Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Thanks again Erin. It was an inspirational hour.