Thursday, January 15, 2009

Isn't she lovely?


Nin Andrews said...

Oh my GOD! That is so funny. I always wondered how you got into those dresses.

Simon said...

" look sexy, elegant, sophisticated, so if the nipple is showing don't worry about it."

...wait, what?

Erin O'Brien said...

The nipple line was my favorite. I also loved the image of the bride going into the bathroom with the bevy of bridesmaids trailing after her with the 10' train.

Princess for a day!

glittergirl said...

yeah, i am so uncomfortable with the whole bridezilla concept. acting spoiled and rude, it's not cute or funny. and how do those grooms not RUN from the church?

i am guessing a bridezilla is an unpleasant jerk 24/7, so i bet this behavior isn't anything new.

sometimes i watch a few minutes if i catch it on tc, since i do enjoy seeing the really mean ones break down and cry.

Paul said...

The $80 tux rental is SO worth it. Although maybe the groom spends more on his; I wouldn't know.

Kirk Jusko said...

" if the nipple is showing don't worry"

Well, if she's wearing WHITE she might worry.

(yes, I know I'm dating myself with that joke)

Timothy O'Regan said...

I've encountered a number of Bridezillas in my professional capacity as a hotel concierge. One vivid memory is of a bride waiting for her limo, sheltering at the front door as it poured down rain, shaking her head in disgust and intoning "uneffingbelievable, uneffingbelievable". As Grandma Noosebaum used to say, "People should spend more time on their marriage and less on their wedding".

philbilly said...

" if the nipple is showing don't worry"

I concur.

Generally, being a bachelor is good, albeit singular. After that mess, I feel like I'm standing on a plane wing in the Hudson River, just dodged a close one!

I want to say something about that bridezilla pulling a train in the bathroom, but I'm trying be a better person.

Postscript: What an ass kicking pilot in NYC.