Monday, December 22, 2008

Post #1001

Over 1000 entries? That's a lot of posts!

It's funny how a silly nickname for my husband became part of the Owner's Manual. For the record, I began calling my dearly beloved "Goat" long before I started this blog in October 2005. I do not think I will donate my Goat, though. He's my Goat and I'm keeping him.

These pages are hella fun, sometimes too much work, and always telling. In them I've made some mistakes, but I've learned much as well. Thanks to everyone for reading and visiting. Thanks to all the commenters who make this such a vibrant place.

If you'll do me the pleasure, please stay tuned.

* * *

And now a word from our sponsor:

The authoress would like to apologize for the frenetic quality of this blog of late. Until just recently, she has not been able to sit for any significant length of time due to an injurious injury. Said injury impaired the authoress's ability to concentrate, write and properly edit among other things. She would encourage everyone to appreciate their plump posteriors and take measures in order to keep them unbroken. The authoress does not, however, think this advice should discourage the occasional spanking.


Nin Andrews said...

I hope you feel better soon. Shit, I have a tail back there. It can make situps a pain to recover from for a week--in the tail not the gut . . .

Your blog is so amazing. You could publish books just taking segments from it . . . I don't know how you ever have time to keep it cooking along the way you do, day after day. Phew!

Carol said...

You inspire us all. . . thanks EOB

Zen Wizard said...

Why can't you donate tofurkey?

Maybe the people aren't THAT hungry?

Kirk Jusko said...

I think I arrived at post #970. This party's just starting, right? I didn't miss much, right? The best is yet to come, right? If running out of booze is what you're worried about, don't. I'll make a quick run to the liquor store.

philbilly said...

Erin, albeit belated, here's the good news. I bruised my coccyx real bad in a car wreck, and in the last couple years, no more pain, on long driving trips I feel it a little.

Bad news, car wreck was 15 years ago.

Silver lining; kept me from sittin' on my ass as much as I wanted to.

It'll get better slowly. Dance vigorously while adding rum. Sitting on hot beach sand preferred treatment.

In retrospect, shoulda tried putting my hands on the television during the Ernest Angley Hour, "Hahyeel!! Out! Out! ye assbone devils!"

deangc said...

Speaking of Ernest Angry, I think I should come over there and lay hands on your injured anatomy. Just lay my hands right on those bruised nether cheeks.

At least one of us would feel better!

hoosierboy said...

Not every blogger can claim she "busted her ass" to entertain us...Thanks. I have enjoyed all 1,000+

Geoff Schutt said...

Didn't Hemingway write standing up?

Yes, you're one of the greats, Erin -- so we compare you to the greats.

All positive "get-the-bottom-better" thoughts your way. (In the best possible sense and variations of the words.) (Variations of your own choosing, of course.) (Congrats on more than 1,000 posts, too.) (We're now caught in this maze of punctuation.) (Happy Holidays!)