Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Although I am walking around as though I've been doing something very very naughty, the sad fact is that I tripped on the hardwood stairs last night and landed on my coccyx. It does not seem serious, but it's bad enough that I'm standing as I type this.

That said, the real kick in the ass is that I was carrying my laptop, which I dropped (of course). It appears undamaged save for the LCD screen, which has a big white mar in one corner covering about 1/4 of the screen.

I detest people who make big complaints over little things. People in CA are coming home to a pile of cinders. Just a couple of months ago, people in Galveston watched as their homes floated away in the ocean. The list goes on and on. I do not have one complaint. But anyone having advice on replacing the LCD screen on a 2.2 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 13" Macbook or nursing a bruised ass bone is sure welcome here.


shaina said...

i've bruised my tailbone several times. take a bath, sitting on that cushion, and add epsom salts to the water. they'll help you feel better! other than that and advil/tylenol, there's not much you can do.
good luck with the screen, that totally sucks. a girl at my camp was dumb one year and brought her laptop and it got stepped on and the screen shattered. no fun.

Zen Wizard said...

On the bruised assbone, I would recommend bathing in Epsom salts.

On the Super Duper GHz Turbo Whatzit Core 3: you kids are on your own with your X-box and your Spiderman and your Affliction hoodies and your what-have-you...

Maureen McHugh said...

It's true that people in California have lost their homes and that horrific thinks are happening in the Congo, but life isn't a competition, and you're allowed to both admit that your tailbone hurts too much to sit down and bemoan the damage to your laptop screen.

Wish I had helpful advice on either.

Anonymous said...

Google up Mac book screen repair or laptop screen repair and take you choice of a few repair options. Sorry about your broken butt.

James Smith

Geoff Schutt said...

Erin -- I bruised a rib just recently -- did quite a job on it, actually -- so I can feel your pain. But whether you write standing up or sitting down, the words are always good. (Hey, you're an inspiration. Always.)

A big "Heal Quickly" to you!

Anonymous said...

not sure if this helps...otherwise, bring it into your local mac store.

sorry about your fall.

DogsDontPurr said...

Ouchhhh!!!! ((Gentle Hugs))

Heff said...

What the Hell ? Did you take that picture in a mirror ? Why is the lettering ass-backwards ?

Harry Finch said...

For future reference: Use the goddamn rail. That sounds like old person advice, but I keep learning about people, regardless of age, having mishaps on stairs. I've had a few myself (when I was younger). Just a couple days ago, at work, I had to remind a co-worker, four-months pregnant, that she should really hold the rail when she uses that stairs.

The rail is a good thing.

Now, I don't mean to scold you, Ms OB, because sometimes you use the rail and you still goof up on the steps. And I am sorry about your tailbone. I bruised mine about ten years ago, proving to my daughter I knew a thing or two about sledding in the winter. I know your pain.

But I am using this accident to remind the world to use the goddamn rail. Everyone thinks the rail is for old people. The rail is there so all people can become old people who use the rail.

Anonymous said...


I literally feel your pain.

In 1993, I was assigned to the XVIII Airborne Corps G1 at Fort Bragg. I jumped into Roosevelt Roads Naval Station, Puerto Rico that year as part of an exercise. As I exited the aircraft, I found myself way too close to two other jumpers. I tried pulling a slip (pulling the risers which lead up to the parachute) down to my chest to steer the chute to get away, but to no avail. At 100 feet above the ground, I found myself smack dab over the middle of a 10,000 foot concrete runway.

There wasn't much I could do. I gritted my teeth, pulled the release handle on my harness single point release to lower my rucksack, lowered my weapon via the quick release assembly and assumed a good prepare to land attitude, hoping for the best.

Well, instead of hitting all my five points of contact like I was trained (balls of the feet, calf, thigh, buttocks, lats) I landed feet, butt, and head. It hurt. It hurt really bad. It hurt so bad that a Ranger came by and said "hey sir, you landed like a sack of shit." My pride seriously damaged, I got out of my harness, policed up my chute and reserve, slung them over my shoulder and limped off as best I could to the assembly area.

Later, I went to the Naval Hospital where a kind Navy doctor armed with a rubber glove and some lube confirmed that indeed, my tailbone was broken.

I spent the next few months sitting on a donut like you are undoubtedly doing now. Talk about indignity!

Anyway, I hope your bruised tailbone heals, and that you can get your laptop fixed as well.


Erin O'Brien said...

All these comments are about the only good thing in this day.

My ass is killing me!

Thanks to everyone.

Anonymous said...

"My ass is killing me!"

- Erin O'Brien
19 Nov 08

I'm going to copy that one down and put it in a frame. Then it's going on my wall.


Glass Houses said...

Oh man, do I know how you feel.

I recently had a pilonidal cyst removed. I will not explain here what that is, so you'll have to look it up.

All you need know is that it involved a very sharp scalpel in the very spot that you are now painfully aware of.

My advice? Percocet.

The Fool said...

Damn, Erin. Move over. It must be viral. I'm half way there. I landed on my tailbone last weekend (alcohol + plastic sled + "bet you can't..."). Good thing I don't have a laptop (if I drop my computer, I'll have worked for it). Hang in, Smiley.

your pal nadina said...

i had to read back to see why you needed to sit on the ring. sorry about the fall ,glad you do not have 'the roids'

Hal said...

You said "coccyx."

Here in LA, there's a radio commercial for a major plumbing company that is sort of commercial within a commercial. The voice is trying to read an advisory that if you don't have an "anti-syphon flushtank ballcock in your toilet, you may be drinking toilet tank water," but he keeps cracking up when he comes to the word "ballcock."

Your "coccyx" injury made me think of that, and I've been cracking up ever since.

Get bettuh, EOBnow!