Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Household photo round-up

This was one mother of a puzzle--2000 pieces. I love puzzles! I love Springbok puzzles!

This is the inside of the patio door. Got cold?

How long can a person do a 2000-piece ribbon candy puzzle before they break down and buy some actual ribbon candy? Not very long. And here's the thing--this ribbon candy kicks total ass. It is everything you want it to be and then some--crispy and crunchy and sweet. Then there's the flavors--cinnamon and wintergreen and orange and lemon and cherry and lime and peppermint. None of us can keep our hands out of the jar. We're on our second box (there's only six pieces in a box, so yeah, buy two).

Kid broke her toe while running and horsing around. First was the ankle a few years ago (fell off bike), then last year was the wrist (during school soccer game), now this. Can I just wrap her in bubble wrap?


Anonymous said...

A Merry Holiday! to the O'Brien family and all the posters from the conservative hell that is Tennessee.
A good cook from a liberal state like Vermont would really liven this place up.


Anonymous said...

wow seeing that ribbon candy took me back to visiting grandma's house about 20 years ago!

garrett said...
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garrett said...

How did I miss it?!