Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Rush, Rush, Rush. What are we going to do with you, baby?

"The Obama recession is in full swing, ladies and gentlemen," Limbaugh told his radio audience of 15 million to 20 million on Thursday. "Stocks are dying, which is a precursor of things to come. This is an Obama recession. Might turn into a depression."--Nov.9 Los Angeles Times

Hm. Seems Rushie forgot that it's been an elephant at the helm the past eight years. Maybe he believes Obama was in cahoots with Palin's witch doctor, secretly casting spells on the American economy from inside some mysterious darkened hut all the while.

But isn't it sorta sweet the way Rushie's Bushie turned the Republican Party all socialist in the end? Giving the profanely richest among us our money? TONS of our money?

Hey, Rush? Bush turned the Republicans into socialists for the rich!

But let's have a heart, fatcat AIG execs need plenty of our money in order to keep themselves in resorts, champagne and limos.

No worries, that action will be trickling down to me in no time, right?


Anonymous said...


The Surgeon General of The United States.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm an opinionated college dropout with a big mouth.

Can I have a radio show, too?

Erin O'Brien said...

Limbaugh torques the shit out of me. I swear.


DO watch that Palin witch doctor YouTube. It's short and really funny.

Zen Wizard said...

Historically, stocks drop on the ELECTION of a Democrat and then after inauguration they gradually rise.

So unless this is pretty much unlike any other time in US history you could argue that it is a buying opportunity.

(Or, you could focus on spending more time with your kids and forget about all this Wall Street buLL$#!t...)

Anonymous said...

I'm a guy who leans only slightly right of center, so I've pretty much tuned Rush out. Best Rush joke I ever heard: What's the difference between Rush & the Hindenburgh? One's a flaming Nazi gas bag, the other is a dirigible.

Carol said...

Yea, I knew there was a reason why I didn't listen to Rush. I like the Nazi gas bag thing.

Susan said...

I am convinced the world would be a better place if Rush Limbaugh were eaten by a velociraptor....A REALLY BIG velociraptor....

the beige one said...

I notice he's kept mum about the humongous secret bailout W and pals coordinated while criticizing the very public bailout effort.

Amy L. Hanna said...

Too bad he's only hearing impaired and not also mute.

MilesB said...

I tune into Rush for a few minutes now and then. What's really sad is how utterly divorced from reality his rantings are. Makes me laugh, then shake my head, and eventually go back to FM.

EIB = Excellence in Bullshit?

Harry Finch said...

I've never listened to Rush, at least intentionally, but, based on your blurb, he is sort of correct, just probably not in the way he means.

Obama did not create this mess, but it will be his mess. You don't have to build the car to own it. And he bought the car. He saw the car, he wanted the car, and he put down the cash to purchase it. January 20 he drives it off the lot.

And the car may turn out to be a bigger turd pile than he thought. A Depression is not out of the question.

I say this, Madame OB, as a huge fan/supporter of Obama. I have total faith in the man, but when I listen to and watch the news I start thinking I may have to take up prayer again for his sake.

John Clifford said...

The Democrats own this, in that they didn't do something about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac when there was time... and they stopped the Republicans from doing something about this.

The Democrats own a large piece of the Big Three problem. They passed the labor laws that allowed the UAW to shove their contracts down the Big Three's throats. They passed the CAFE laws that led to the rise of the SUV, and that now prevent the Big Three from bringing in economical diesels that get better mileage than a Prius, and cost much less.

The Republicans own not walking the walk... talking like fiscal conservatives and then spending like drunken sailors. The one thing in their 'favor' is that the Democrats in Congress wanted even MORE spending.

Both parties are so screwed up, and we are so screwed. Obama is going to be screwed also, because the president really doesn't have all that much power (Congress does, but try getting 60% of them to act responsibly). He's going to own it, just like Bush owned the recession he inherited from Clinton, and Clinton owned the rally he inherited from Bush Sr.

I didn't vote for Obama, but I'm hoping that he's smart enough to NOT listen to the wingnuts in his own party (I see signs of that). If so, he may very well be a good president (and I hope he is). If not, America is screwed... and the Dems will trade seats once again with the GOP in 2010/2012.