Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A quiet thing I didn't foresee

With all the "transition"coverage over the past few days, one thing I didn't anticipate is how I wax tender and emotional over the idea of little kids in the White House.

I am really glad there are going to be little kids in the White House.

Planet Jupiter Eating Space Jelly Bellies--by Lil' OB
used with permission


Velvet Fog said...

Fabulous work!
I love it.

Anonymous said...

Nice artwork by little O'B.

Yes, childrend will be back in the White House. I'm sure Rahm Emanuel and John Podesta will be OK, though.

Geez, I crack myself up somtimes.


Anonymous said...

I think that's "there are going to be little kids inthe White House."
I agree--I like to think having young children makes one more invested in the future--rather than gleefully plunging toward the end days.

Anonymous said...

lil ob is destined for greatness

Anonymous said...

love it. Chagall is jealous.

Erin O'Brien said...

Thanks WJM ; )


Zen Wizard said...

I am deeply concerned about the search for a presidential dog: A goldendoodle has been floated as a possible choice.

However, Obama received 77% of the Hispanic vote: Wouldn't a Chihuahua be a nice nod to the Hispanic community?

Regardless, the First Dog should be fully vetted before any final selection is made. The First Dog should be someone diplomatic enough not to hump a visiting dignitary's leg, yet humble enough to drink from the toilet in the Lincoln Bedroom.

We see what happened recently when Barney did not live up to America's expectations and bit a reporter. The tragic thing about this event is there is no constitutional instruction as to the procedure for impeaching the presidential dog.

The ability to reach across the aisle and get along with a cat also seems to be crucial. Witness Buddy (if I may add some historical perspective.)

Geoff Schutt said...

... Just wondering what flavor of Space Jelly Belly is Planet Jupiter's favorite?

Anonymous said...

If you spell Malia and Natasha backward it spells "Spawn of the antichrist who will destroy the rotting corpse that is israel and force caucasions to have homoerotic relations with muslim terrorists." At least that's what Sean Hannity said.


Ken Houghton said...

I suspect the goldendoodle is being considered because, as noted above, there will be young children in the White House—one of whom is allergic to dogs.

Meet the new boss, getting a dog for the same reason as the Old Boss (WJC).

Amy L. Hanna said...

Aww! Love the set of chompers on Jupiter in Lil' OB's drawing.

stef said...

Love that art!

I am really glad they are going to be there too. I'm not a kid person normally but I think Sasha and Malia are awesome!

philbilly said...

Yes Al, we were far better off with mature individuals like Rumsfeld and Cheney using American soldiers as chess pieces. Please.

Stan Austin said...

May we see the permission? Is it on a form from The Office of Erin O'Brien?

Anonymous said...


Now Obama and crew get to do the same. Ain't democracy grand?