Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Grampa 'Cain is grouchy again

Plenty more to view here.

The clip on Palin's experience is a must-view. I won't give my full discourse on this, but as a writer, I am very very keen on details and behavior. One of McCain's biggest problem is how he constantly and vehemently endorses his running mate, which he does in the "underdog" clip as well (she may be mentioned in the other clips--I haven't watched all of them yet). When he tries so hard to persuade, it comes off defensive and only serves to highlight Palin's inadequacies. I feel like McCain would gladly wrap his hands around my throat and shake me until I started touting Palin's brilliance myself.

On top of the anger, he is so forced and unnatural. Who is he trying to convince? Me or himself?


Velvet Fog said...

I can't take it anymore.
I'm just gonna get drunk.

Anonymous said...

On NPR, McCain Exaggerates Past Relationship with PalinIs John McCain exaggerating his past relationship with Sarah Palin?

On Wednesday, NPR's Steve Inskeep interviewed McCain, and he started the session with questions about McCain's running mate, Governor Sarah Palin. Noting that Palin had repeatedly pointed to Alaska's proximity to Russia, Inskeep asked what that adds to her foreign policy qualifications. McCain referred to "the fact that they have had certain relationships." Presumably, by "they" he meant Alaska and Russia, but he did not specify what these "relationships" entailed. And Inskeep did not ask him to. (In her interview with Katie Couric, Palin referred to trade missions between her state and Russia--activity which apparently did not involve her.) McCain then changed the subject and maintained that Palin has great expertise on energy issues, inelegantly remarking, "She has oversighted the natural gas and oil and natural resources of the state of Alaska."

Then came a dramatic statement. Inskeep asked, "Is there an occasion when you can imagine turning to Gov. Palin for advice on a foreign policy crisis." McCain replied,

I've turned to her advice many times in the past.

The transcript of the interview is all over the net. The link above is just one of many.


Harry Finch said...

Wait. Which movie was it where we had a huge health care bureaucracy? I don't remember that one.

And I don't think people should use astronaut metaphors. When someone starts out by saying, I've never been an astronaut, listeners giggle (John: they're not giggling with you.