Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Palin explains why she's such a moron

In last night's CBS interview, Couric threw a softball, asking Palin to name which magazines and newspapers she reads.

Palin couldn't answer.

She couldn't even say, "Of course I've read the Alaska Daily News my whole life. They do a terrific job with both local and national issues."

Nope. Couldn't name one. Instead, she accused Couric of portraying Alaska as a foreign country.

Well, Sugartits, I've got (ahem) news for you: Most of your normal Joe six-pack Americans could have come up with a simple response about their hometown paper at the very least. I am a silly housewife in Cleveland and if you asked me that question, I'd gas on so long about KCRW podcasts and getting tangled in the Web via CNN and Politico and and and ... you'd be begging me to shut up.

Is this really happening?

To be fair, Palin held her own during questions on social issues such as homosexuality and abortion. Maybe she gets her reading materials here.

Here is the footage. The newspaper discourse is at about 3:45. The social issues start around 5:27.


Anonymous said...

Now I know I'm a rabid member of the mongrel, liberal hordes but don't ya think a journalism major would occaisionally read a newspaper?


Erin O'Brien said...

I'm waiting for the McPalin camp to indignantly espouse how this was just another of the liberal media's tricky "gotcha" moments.


I just cannot believe this is happening.

Anonymous said...

I already left a comment on momentofchoice's blog about this. But I think she's treading water so carefully, she doesn't want to fuck up by naming names. My solution would have been to pick from "both sides." Example: The NY Times AND the Washington Times. Or pick any one of Rupert Murdoch's newspapers, and any other "liberal media elite" publication. Give us SOMETHING. In her attempt to be careful and not give away any more slack to her critics, she comes off as ill-informed and ignorant. It's the most amazing train wreck I've ever seen. She makes Dan Quayle look polished.

Erin O'Brien said...

She really could have won hearts by naming her hometown paper. What a fucking moron--the product of McCain Morons.

It is a beautiful fascinating train wreck, unraveling before us in slo-mo.

Bill said...

I dunno if I can even watch this debate tomorrow, it's gonna be painful, I almost feel sorry for this dumbass.
I'll leave your fuck me comment alone, but I don't live too far away.......heehee.

Harry Finch said...

She comes off as someone who would do a decent job of being mayor of a town of, let's say, 6-10,000 people.

Erin O'Brien said...

Finch, you and I think alike!

All day, I've been thinking of my years as a political reporter in my town of 16,000. I attended all the city council meetings and knew everything about what was going on in city hall.

Sure some of the council members could have gone on to county or state government--but none were ready for VP.

Every time I look at Palin, governor of the teeny-tiny state of Alaska, which has half the population of Cuyahoga County (Cleveland is our county seat), I think: that is what she is--a perfectly good small-town politician and nothing more.

John McCain, you are a rat! GRRRRR!

Harry Finch said...

Of course we think alike. We share the same brain trapped in different bodies (maybe it doesn't feel quite so trapped in yours).

Rory L. Aronsky said...

Now I know I'm a rabid member of the mongrel, liberal hordes but don't ya think a journalism major would occaisionally read a newspaper?

You'd be surprised at how many don't. I was in journalism for a time and in a news bubble, no matter the issue, there's not always time to pick up one's own newspaper before the next story hits.