Wednesday, October 01, 2008

What Palin really reads or the post Erin is shoveling out because she can't deal with the real news today: the big bailout

"In a picture supplied by Sarah Palin's family to the Associated Press, Palin appears with some rather odd reading matter: The magazine of the ultraconservative John Birch Society.

The picture, dating to 1995, when Palin was a member of the Wasilla City Council, ran beside a profile of Palin in Saturday's New York Times. The magazine, The New American, is sitting on top of her calendar on her desk, unopened."--Ben Smith for Politico on 9/18/08


Hal Hussein Perry said...

Just to put this in context:

"The current, and then-, president of the group, John McManus, confirmed that the cover fit the description of a 1995 issue of the magazine. The headline, "Con-Con Call," refers to discussion at the time of a constitutional convention. The headline appears above a picture of then-Utah Governor Mike Leavitt, who had floated the notion as a way of returning the balance of power back toward the states. But the author warned that the convention could actually be a devious ploy aimed at increasing government power.

McManus said Palin wouldn't have had to have any connection to the society, or the journal, to have wound up with that issue on her desk. (emphasis mine)

"Any attempt to link her to the John Birch Society would be ridiculous," he said of speculation on the liberal blogs that first noticed the magazine, first noted by the photo site BAGNews.

"This photo from the early to mid 90s shows the Governor having her photo taken in front of a three ring binder of information from local citizens presented regularly to Wasilla council members by the town clerk," said Palin spokesman Michael Goldfarb. "These binders featured material given by members of the public to all council members."

As much as I dislike her, I fear that so much of the negative press against will work to her benefit, especially when stories are twisted out of context (as this one appears to be), or just plain made up (Trig Palin actually being Bristol's kid).

Just a thought...

Erin O'Brien said...

No thinking allowed!

MilesB said...

Ahh, yes. The JB Society. I first heard of them in high school, believe it or not. A guy that I worked with was a member and was always bringing me copies of The New American and books about Goldwater and Phyllis Schlafly (remember her???)

Libby Spencer said...

On the bright side, the polls are looking good for Obama.

Zen Wizard said...

Maybe she was the centerfold in that issue, and she wanted to make sure they got her, "Turn-ons/Turn-offs" right.



1) Sex after 40 without a condom;
2) Semi-automatic weapons;
3) Seccession from the United States
4) A good sense of humor
5) Confident, assured men.
6) Chivalry--I know I'm not supposed to say that, but sue me: I like a man who gets the door and pulls out my chair! What can I say I'm old-fashioned...


1) Rude, aggressive people
2) The judicial branch
3) Bad breath
4) People who are mean to animals instead of just killing them quickly and barbequeing them.
5) Axe Body Spray--I mean, after they invent it because it's 1995 and they haven't invented it yet, but I just can't stand it when, in the future, men wear too much Axe Body Spray and they think we like it but we DON'T!!
6) Back hair on men.
7) Men who whistle and say "Hey Babe" when you walk by.