Tuesday, September 09, 2008

"Having been blessed with your lovely son Trig is not enough Governor Palin.

Live the life. Be the parent. Be the advocate for your child. Then, come talk to me and let's see what may be done. I'd be happy to advise you on the issues that face you on your return to Alaska as Governor to help the families of children with Special Needs there. I don't trust you with the deep and critical role you propose for yourself: an advocate for my son."

--from Samuel's Heart


Alice said...

I can't believe the right wingers have fallen in love with this kook??? Horrifying...

Erin O'Brien said...

Maybe she won't look so hot through hungover eyes on the morning after.

I am so freaked over the idea of her sitting in the Oval Office I could shit straight up my back.

hoosierboy said...

I am likewise terrfied by a Senator with 143 days of experience who has no legislation or executive experience to his credit.

Palin is not qualified, but at least it will take a stopped heartbeat to put her in charge.

Zen Wizard said...

Well, we are screwed either way.

Obama is a person with no police or military experience.

Never been a judge. Never been a DA. Never ordered a cop to put the bracelets on some poor slob for being behind in his child support.

In other words, he has never, in his lifetime, done one act that exerted police power on behalf of the United States.

...and now he is going to be Commander-in-Chief.

It's like there is this bully named Osama bin Laden who is always taking our lunch money, so we need to hire a bodyguard.

And we are choosing a skinny wimp who has never been in a fight before...

Helen Mansfield said...

Yeah, and Bush has run a half a dozen failed businesses, a half-ass baseball team, and when he was Governor of Texas, he executed more people than any other governor in the State's history. Including the mentally ill. Oh yeah, and he ran this country in the ground.

Let's give the inexperienced dude a shot. Ferchristsake.

hoosierboy said...

last I looked there wasn't a Bush anywhere on the ticket.

Erin O'Brien said...

I am not at all hesitant to cast my vote for Obama. I think he absolutely has what it takes to be a leader and that he will surround himself with smart people.

Bush surrounded himself with Cheney and Rove.

McCain's judgment? Hmmmmm ....

And remember this: Obama propelled himself into this via profound internal drive. Then THE PEOPLE selected him over the massive Clinton machine.

Palin was plucked from obscurity by one man, who is now panicking and shielding her from anyone with a question.

Erin O'Brien said...

No Bush on the ticket, you'll have to settle for one of his most ardent supporters.

Anonymous said...

No Bush?

How does hoosierboy know Palin shaves her cooter? Now THERE'S a story!


Anonymous said...

Hey Zen,

Perhaps your skinny boy analogy is correct. But even if you've got The Terminator as your man, you've got to know the bullies correct address. At least Barack is one up on W's geography.


hoosierboy said...

I guess you are right rj Obama is up on his geography, he has been to all 57 states!

The thought of a Bible Thumper living in the Naval Observatory scares me a whole lot less than the thought of Bill Ayres or Louis Farrakhan or Jeremiah Wright advising the occupant of the White House, but that is just me.

Anonymous said...

Hey Hoosier,

I think the unreported story of this campaign is that the publisher of The Washington Times, that esteemed conservative rag, is none other than Sun Myung Moon, founder of The Unification Church and self-proclaimed Second Coming of Christ. He makes Jeremiah Wright look like a boy scout.

When Bill Ayers was asked if he had any regrets about The Weathermen it was reported he replied "Yeah, We didn't do enough."( to end the war) As one who came of age during the Vietnam era, I couldn't agree more.


hoosierboy said...

You are completely right -- bombs and killing are the way to stop the violence of war. It makes as much sense as bombing abortion clinics.

Of course let us not forget the success of the Marxist policies supported by the Weatherunderground and SDS, it was so popular they had to build a wall in Berlin to keep the people from Western Europe from flooding to East Germany.

Look at Mr. Obama's platform on his website, his policies are reflected in 7 of the ten points of the Communist Manifesto.

Anonymous said...


I thought you would agree.

Forgive my brevity, I must be off to serve The One True Father.


Bill said...

Holy shit, I can't believe the ignorance that is so prevalent in this country. It's truly depressing, I can't believe anyone, ANYONE could be thinking of voting for a Republican this election, I guess our educational institutions have not been doing a proper job for quite some time.
What a nightmare..........

Erin O'Brien said...

Bill, you should have heard me ranting to my husband last night. The Republicans lied their way into the White House in 2000. Lied to stay there in 2004 (swiftboat). Lied the entire time they were there in order to fleece the American people, sell the country to China and send us on a bogus war.

Now they're doing the same thing by lying, lying, lying, and lying some more. They use these filthy tactics and populist crap because it has worked so beautifully in the past.

If it works again in November, shame on us.

Obama 2008.

Anonymous said...


The educational institutions do their job, but then the Conservatives persuade the voters that what is being taught is elitist leftist bullshit and we'd be better off with a home-schooled Fundamentalist. Fear, Fear, Fear. Don't think, pray.

And while we trumpet freedom of the press, don't listen (Unless it's News Corp and Rupert Murdoch, et al) because it's all lies.

I'm like Erin, it's so fucking transparent but so fucking effective. ARRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHH!


Chato said...

For those that are paying attention to the current "lipstick" kerfuffle:


God I love politics. I love the ubiquity of video more. ;)


Bill said...

There are some true winners out there, one of the gearhead forums I'm part of has a fundie who said the following:
"Someday people will realize that oil is a renewing resource that the earth somehow creates within its depths that the Lord put there for us to use."
Absolutely terrifying that these people vote, this guy wrenches on some pretty sophisticated equipment, and still believes this crap!

Hal Hussein Perry said...

If I were a bad person, I would tell you to go to Trig Palin's blog.

But I'm not going to because that would be wrong.