Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday morning rant

Okay, I am ready to step out of the delusion cloud and face the fact that Sarah Palin will not bow out of the upcoming election despite getting hammered from every direction.*

Predictably, instead of standing up to her critics, Palin is no where to be found. Instead, Republicans here and there are singing her virtues. I just heard Romney blatantly ignoring questions on the Today show about doubts surrounding Palin. He just breezily touted her as a wonderful maverick. I couldn't stand it, so I turned off the box and sat down to write this. Other conservatives** are saying that Saturday's SNL skit was mean and that the low low expectations the country has for Palin are bound to have her coming out on top in Thursday's debate.***

WHAT? Mean? This is presidential politics, you candy-asses. And low expectations? Oh, how their tune has changed since the Hillary days. At least none of the Palin spin seems to be working.

*Yeah, I know that Biden has had his share of gaffes as well. Here's the difference: Biden has been out there campaigning and interviewing all the time. So sure, he misspeaks once in a while--maybe even more than once in a while. On the other hand, every single thing that comes out of Palin's mouth is moronic in content, language and form, which is why the McSleaze camp just shuts her up.

**I'm starting to have trouble with the term "conservative" these days. Can anyone give me one single example of prudence or conservation that the Bush Administration displayed over the past eight years? We've had a bogus preemptive war without a funding plan or exit strategy, and a rootin' tootin' free for all economy that has led us to the brink of a complete financial meltdown. Then there's the matter of that little $10 trillion deficit and one massive bailout after another. So one example--that's all I'm asking for--one example of CONSERVATISM out of the conservatives over the past eight years.

***Hal Perry put a reminder bug in my ear about the rumored bug in Bush's ear in a 2004 debate against Kerry. Any possible way the McSleaze camp would try such a trick with Palin this Thursday?


hoosierboy said...

There is your problem -- Bush is not a conservative. One of the reasons for his low approval ratings is that even Conservatives don't like him. He has not governed as a Conservative. In trying to be liked by everyone he is hated by all.

Of course Bush is the popular Homecoming Queen compared to the Democratic Congress when it comes to approval ratings.

Erin O'Brien said...

Actually, it is OUR problem.

Thanks for commenting, hoosierboy.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me Palin is her own worst enemy. Dems need to stick to policy issues, she'll take care of herself.
But, I am not suggesting she deserves a pass. Presidential politics is a mean business.


Nin Andrews said...

I think I might have posted this before,but one thing that freaks me out-that Rs seem to overlook-is that Palin might well be the president if McCain is elected. My skin doctor, who is a R, said she thinks McCain's skin cancer is no small matter . . .

How many pages was McCain's medical record?

Anonymous said...

I was going to write, but instead just echo your 1st commentator: the present administration has not really adhered to Republican mantra. It's been more totalitarian.

Palin has become pretty much a non-news story. She is an amateur on the world stage and is showing it more and more in interviews. Pakistan's prez. is taking slack for his comments during his meeting with her. She's been pretty much reduced to MILF status by even world leaders.

I actually feel for Condoleeza Rice, a woman who has always battled emasculation talk, yet has proved that her education and experience and knowledge can co-exist on the world stage with everyone else. Although I am a staunch liberal, I have always had respect for her level of diplomacy, her education, and her command of respect from world leaders.

Palin is backwoods redneck with trailor-trash family. Most Americans find that a virtue. I am personally involved in fighting off this "dumbing down" of the American citizen. We ought to strive to educate ourselves and instead of calling those "intellectuals" and "elitists" we ought to try to acquire information and think critically. Being proud of not having organized, original thoughts or being "a redneck" sets the bar low, therefore removing any kind of pressure from one as a human being. No thanks. This is the age of information/education. Anything can be found about everything at the stroke of a key. I see nothing wrong with striving to be informed and well educated. I see everything wrong with the opposite.

What's even more ironic is American's supposed outrage at our low levels of education and performance in schools from our students. We know, in reality, most Americans are quite proud of their bible-thumping, flag-waving, patriotic "trailer-trash" selves. Give us a break and stop acting outraged at our education system's dismal present state.

Anonymous said...

correction: Americans'

Bill said...

Idiocracy, it's becoming reality.

jonas said...

Here's the question that keeps occurring to me: is it better to have Palin remain on the ticket, potentially hurting McCain's chances, but also potentially being President? OR would it be better if she were off the ticket and replaced by any other number of far more qualified and/or centrist folks, and thus potentially and significantly increase McCain's changes? I'm not sure wishing her off the ticket provides the long-term outcomes for which people are looking.

Obama would face a much harder race if McCain's #2 were a person of Biden's stature. I said it from the beginning, Palin might be the best thing for Obama's campaign.

SDS said...

I was thinking today, no Democratic Administration, not even during the War on Poverty or the New Deal, has probably spent more of our taxes, future taxes, future future taxes and on and on and on for less tangible return.

Sweet Stinking Jeebus, Tax and Spend has become Spend and Bail.

It's what we get for that fashionable moment when normally rational people thought it would be okay to vote for guys we'd want to "have a beer with" (what, like a skeezy lacrosse team?) rather than have an actual Competent Commander in Chief of The United Fucking States.

philbilly said...

I've always had a thing for Condi, she's really smart, cultured and never flaunts her nice body. I'd like to be in the room when she unwinds.