Monday, September 29, 2008

Wall Street bail out: poetic justice?

"The measure needs 218 votes for passage. Democrats voted 141 to 94 in favor of the plan, while Republicans voted 65 to 133 against. That left the measure with 206 votes for and 227 against." --CNN

There is a certain terrible beauty in this largely Republican revolt. I don't like it and I doubt it's smart, but I've gained more respect for the Republican party within the last hour than I have in the last eight years.


Helen Mansfield said...

I'd rather see this than everyone signing the thing, without question.

Dan said...

What? You mean handing Hank Paulson, who's still wiping Bush's man gravy off his chin, a check for seven hundred billion dollars with no review or scrutiny as to how that money will be spent was a bad idea?

Personally, I think we should take up torches and pitchforks and march on the Capitol. We just need to swing by the White House and make Bush think Mussolini got off easy.

Anonymous said...

So, anyone got any good cat food recipes?


MilesB said...

Hey, come on now. McPain has reassured us that the fundamentals of the economy are sound.

What, me worry?

Tom Bozzo said...

I don't think the bailout plan was a lot better than nothing, but it was at least something which the Obama Admin could make a success of.

As for gaining respect for the Republicans, keep in mind that basically they purport to be saving us from creeping socialism. That's consistent with their principles, but in the worst case scenario won't put cat food on the table.