Sunday, September 28, 2008

Category five Palin

Last night on CNN, Stephanie Miller called Sarah Palin a "category five disaster." Seems like many an elephant agree.

I am savoring my images of the McCain campaign, furiously scratching their heads over the impending VP debate. Are we better off with her or without her? they're musing ala Dear Abby. After all, playing the mom card offers such an easy exit .....

Sara Palin to adoring group of actors hand selected by Team McCain: "It's been an honor and a priviledge to stand next to John McCain."

(enthusiastic applause accompanied by grand nodding from Palin)

"The challenges before my son Trig are complex and delicate. The new life my daughter Bristol faces is also complex and delicate, but in a different way."

(a brave gaze from Palin as a respectful moment of silence allows this touching and beautifully honest admission to garner its rightful emotion)

"My children need a full time mother right now."

(a brief and somewhat bated pause)

"And this country needs a full time Vice President."

(shocked silence accompanied by resolute purse-lipped nodding from Palin)

"I am always a mother first ... "

So what do you think? Is it still possible for Palin to drop out? The fact that McCain kept her under wraps after the debate does not bode well.

What say you, bloggers?


Harry Finch said...

McCain will not drop her and he should not drop her because what this country needs is a good $5.00 bowl of moose stew.

She makes moose stew!

Sure, Biden will be a good man at Cabinet meetings,presiding over the Senate, and telling Obama that yes, Georgia is a swell place that wants to be like us and to be liked by us but really it's a little place, a distant place, and for god's sake do not let them into NATO. But will he introduce the lower 48 to moose stew?

I like Biden a lot, but I'm seeing an opportunity for some moose stew and Joe is not the face of that opportunity.

Who doesn't want moose stew?

MilesB said...

It does seem awfully quiet on the Palin front, doesn't it? I wouldn't be surprised if she "resigned" from the ticket. I wonder where a McCain-Romney ticket would be today?

Hal Hussein Perry said...

I think it's highly doubtful McCain will drop Pailin. Early voting has already begun in some states, and absentee ballots have already been sent out. It would be a logistical nightmare.

Moreover, I think McCain still believes Pailin is an asset to the ticket. She is still very popular among Republican women and some independents. And in spite of Obama's good performance in the debate (and subsquent bounce in the polls), the uncertainty about his experience is still weighing on people's mind - enough for McCain to want to stay the course.

There is some speculation she might have an earpiece during the debate, a la Bush in '04, with someone directly feeding her the talking points. I think they have no other choice.

Harry Finch said...

Dropping her would be a disaster for McCain. His reputation as a gambler with poor judgement would be confirmed; approval ratings would plummet. And he'd lose that 10% of the voters who don't care if Palin knows where the United Kingdom is so long as they know her position on abortion.

The debate will be no slam dunk for Biden. Expectations are so low now it's possible she can't lose.

Besides, she can make moose stew.

Anonymous said...

She's not dropping out. McCain looks stupid for picking someone so clearly out of her depth, but he would also BLINK if he booted her off the ticket. Republicans DO NOT BLINK in the face of adversity, even when it is self-made.

Erin O'Brien said...

Someone send some moose meat over here so's I can stew it.

"moose meat"

I like saying that. I like typing it.

Anonymous said...

McCain provided cover for Palin on Sunday news shows. The only scenario I can think that might help the GOP is for her to drop out for "family reasons" and the GOP guns trying to blame it on the abusive liberal media, evoking some sort of sympathy vote.


John Sheppard said...

Here's some moose meat for you, Erin...

Erin O'Brien said...

Captain K. was a real horrorshow!

moose meat

moose meat

moose meat

Julia Farley said...

Mmmmmoooose! The Other Not White Meat...

Heh. Heh. Heh.

Last Girl On Earth - Deni said...

It's been AGES since I've paid you a visit, Erin. And I'm so glad I'm back. Now I can't get the sound of moose meat out of my head. I think I'm going to have to use that in a lyric for a song sometime soon!

Come by and catch up when you get a chance!

Anonymous said...

I hope he doesn't drop her. I like hot hockey moms.


deangc said...

Al, she's not hot. Her squinty eyes contain the narrow gleam of the fanatic. O'Brien has ten, maybe a hundred times the sex appeal of carefully coiffed Sarah. Palin is a nut dressed up in a suit and expensive makeup.


And she won't quit. McCain made the choice, and he just can't afford to back out at this late stage.

The debates will be interesting: she has to come up with a way to appear competent. It's a tall order.

deangc said...

Oh, and commentary on the picture: Vikings did not wear helmets with horns on them. Call me a purist, but the whole horned-helmet thing bugs me.

Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. We don't want gamblers running this country anymore. Witness what gambling has done to our financial systems. We also don't want "hott" hockey moms running the show either. And by the way, I agree, she's not "hott"; she reminds me more of a tight-assed Nazi freulein schoolmaster ready to whack the shit out of your knuckles with her ruler for talking in class, or expressing your opinion. Also, she just spews a lot of nonsense and sounds like a complete moron. We've already had one of those the last 8 years. "Thanks but no thanks."

She can keep her fucking Moose Stew/Moose meat too. I got SPAM and I'm stickin' with it.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute now. If she'll spank me and call me a bad boy I might vote for her.


Mongrel Porksword said...

I've got some moose meaĊ£for you.