Monday, August 25, 2008

A problematic situation

This is a screen capture image of my stat counter.

As I've said before, stat counters are more masturbatory than actual masturbation. To that end, I check mine with inordinate frequency, which up until now, has been a matter of private embarrassment only. But I can no longer contain myself. I have to complain openly.

Look what I'm up against! McCain has purchased massive ad blocks on my stat counter site and I'm forced to see his mug whenever I dive in for a dose of ego-boost (or let-down as the case may be).

Not good people. Not good at all. I feel as though I'm supporting him even though I'm not supporting him.

Could someone call Obama up and tell him to do something about this?


Anonymous said...

hmmm, and Lieberman appears in the photo w/him. wonder who his #2 will be.
but then again...who cares.

Anonymous said...

This would be the highly sophisticated "Capture the Fragile Ego Statcounter Demographic" campaign strategy. Send 'em 5 bucks, they'll think its's working.


The Fool said...

It's a portent of what's going to happen to this country if that fool gets elected.

Geoff Schutt said...

Erin -- McCain obviously has "stat envy."

Zen Wizard said...

Geez--you act like this guy crashed a plane that you paid for, or something!!

the_quark said...

Eh, look at it this way - every time he shows that ad, it wastes his money! He's not going to convince you to change your mind, so you're just sucking funds out of his warchest. You're not supporting him, you're hurting him!

IN FACT, you have been slacking off your civic duty! Clearly, you need to load your stats page MORE to cost McCain more!

Anonymous said...


I'm a Republican. And I hope I'm better looking than John McCain. I hereby offer up a picture of myself to put on a stat counter page for you.


Ms Baroque said...

You are clearly way less addicted than me, m'dear. I never notice the ads: I'm too busy osessing over the stats, working out averages, looking from different angles, drilling down, drilling further down, trying to work out what it all MEANS...

Oh! And of course I'm in England. I have a small, sweet-looking ad for something called "twing," which is a discussion forums search engine. How very - er - appropriate.

And boy am I glad to be out of it! It's bad enough over here.